HaNon B70 Is A FREE Hammond B3 Electric Organ VST Plugin


French developer Lostin70’s released HANON B70, a free VST plugin emulating the famous Hammond B3 electric organ and the Leslie 122 rotating speaker cabinet.

HANON B70 emulates 91 tonewheels from the original tonewheel organ instrument. These simulated tonewheels run continuously while maintaining a low CPU cost. The detailed emulation enables natural-sounding key clicks and relatively simple, but effective tonewheel organ synthesis.

The Leslie speaker cabinet model features a simulated tube preamp circuit, a tube power amp, and an emulation of the two rotors. It also emulates the cabinet’s acoustic resonance. As a bonus, the inbuilt FX section includes Chorus and Vibrato effect modules.

HANON B70 supports two audio channels and two sets of virtual drawbars, along with a split keyboard function with MIDI learn. Such a setup enables playing the two sets of drawbars from a single keyboard.

All in all, the HANON B70 plugin by Lostin70’s is a rater complete Hammond recreation from the realm of freeware plugins. The unmistakable sound of the instrument is perfect for musicians who play blues, rock, jazz, and good old honky-tonk keyboard styles.

The plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for 32 and 64-bit digital audio workstation software on Windows and Mac computers. You can download it directly from the product page on the developer’s website. There’s no need to sign up or create a user account prior to downloading.

More info: HANON B70 (7.68 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin formats for Windows & macOS)

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  1. As for the fidelity to the sound of the Hammond, I’ll let the experts *cough* on some forums decide. Sounds hammond-ey to me. Nice GUI, nice overall sound*, decent amount of features, available in many modern formats and platforms. What’s to hate? Well, we want more, do we. This means it’s on the right track!
    *Is it me or the sound is more …let’s say… ‘brighter’ on the left? The plugin itself, the video on youtube, the soundcloud demos… Some kind of phase issue? A product of the leslie effect? My brainmeats are melting?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Yeah, sounds Hammond-y to me, too! :) Not sure about the stereo disbalance, though. It could be a bug.

    • While I’m there, this plugin has effects. Would be interesting to be able to use it as an fx. Mr. Lostin70s, can we have audio inputs, please? :D

    • Replying to myself. Well, since I can’t find a changelog anywhere, I don’t know why or when it was fixed, but it was. Version 1.1.1 doesn’t have the left/right imbalance in the sound anymore. Sounds great. Good little free Hammond.

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