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Beat magazine (€5) is offering a free copy of Ozone Elements 9, along with a few other goodies, with their October 2020 issue.

For those unfamiliar, Beat is a popular German magazine about music production. Beat launched an English digital edition of the magazine earlier this year, so us non-German speaking readers can enjoy their excellent content, too.

We’ve covered iZotope’s Ozone Elements 9 numerous times on BPB. It was offered as a free download on several occasions in the past, and you can now get it for free once again with the latest Beat mag.

Ozone Elements 9 is by far the best way to get into mastering your music for free. It offers a set of essential mastering tools, including a parametric EQ, a limiter, and a stereo imager.

The equalizer module found in Ozone Elements 9 can work independently on your left and right channels and comes with two different modes – analog and digital. iZotope’s unique Imager module has a reputation all on its own and includes a Stereoizer tool to turn mono signals into stereo.

Last but not least, you’re getting the Maximizer module, one of the most critical parts of the mastering process. Ozone Elements 9 comes with two different Intelligent Release Control algorithms, autogain, an automatic “Learn Threshold,” and a slider for emphasizing transients.

Couple this with iZotope’s innovative Master Assistant feature, and you’re fully covered to start your mastering adventures. Always remember that mastering is something that takes years of practice to grasp fully, but hey, you do need to start somewhere.

So if you’ve missed previous Ozone Elements 9 promotions, here’s a chance to snag both Ozone and a ton of other goodies for cheap.

Beat Magazine’s October issue also comes with Subtraxx 5, their in-house trance synth, and Thorn Solo, a stripped-down (but still great-sounding) version of the hugely popular spectral synth, Thorn.

If that’s not enough for you, how about 11 additional GBs of acid basses, cinematic textures, build-ups and breakdowns, and foley for soundtracks, all from Prime Loops.

That’s a pretty good deal for €5!

The focus of this month’s issue is how to write and produce killer hooks, featuring interviews with Guetta, Vize, and Raf Camora, all artists who’ve broken into the eight and nine-digit realm with regards to views and plays.

Additional articles include a piece on breathing new life into your old hardware drum machines, a detailed breakdown on how to use Ozone, reviews of the Elektron Digitone Keys, a studio interview with Sub Focus and Wilkinson, tips on getting a great vocal recording setup, and my favorite, a deconstruction of Lady Gaga, which sounds awfully painful.

Last but not least, Beat is running a Bitwig giveaway. The main prize is a Bitwig license and there are three ways to enter. You can find all the info and enter the giveaway here.

Again, this is all for just €5 for the digital edition. Beat magazine can be purchased from Falkemedia’s online shop and Zinio. It is an instant download. The October issue is available in both print and digital, with additional subscription options for 3 and 12 months.

More info: Beat Magazine (product page @ Zinio)

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  1. So,it’s £4.90 after getting the magazine. The serial will be sent after you answer the relevant questions, additional downloads via your Beat account.

    Another thing to consider is their download management, with Mac and Windows bundled into a single ISO, with some up to almost 9GB in size, that’s an hefty download, even if you just want to access an individual file. No separate folders for varying content and operating systems.

    No where as good as Computer Music Magazine’s File Silo.

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