Download 90 CM Plugins For FREE Until October 31st


Music Technology Show 2020 is giving away over 8,600 samples and 90 popular VST plugins for free until October 31st, 2020.

MusicRadar announced that everyone can download 8 GB of audio content and 90 plugins for free during the Music Technology Show 2020. Think of it as a virtual “goody bag” from a virtual music technology show.

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According to MusicRadar, the freebie pack contains five drum machines, fifteen virtual synths, several sample-based instruments, and a huge audio effects collection. You’re also getting over 8,600 of Computer Music’s most popular free samples and loops.

The freebie content is hosted on FileSile. You need to sign up for a FileSilo user account to download the Computer Music goodie bag.

Here’s how to get your free files:

  • Visit the FileSilo website and log in to your user account (or create a new one);
  • Click the Computer Music button;
  • Click ‘The Music Technology Show Free Pack!’ icon;
  • Type “MTShow2020” in the password field and click the Submit button;
  • Click the ‘Let Me See The Content’ link to show the free samples and plugins.

At the moment, FileSilo is temporarily unavailable, presumably because the giveaway is generating a lot of traffic. Try to refresh the page a few times, and it should show up in your browser.

Log in first, than return to the homepage.

Log in first, then return to the homepage.

Be sure to follow the instructions closely, as the process to claim the free files can be a bit confusing. Log in to your FileSilo account first, then return to the homepage and click the Computer Music button (pictured above).

After clicking the Computer Music button, you will be asked to enter the password to access the files. Enter the password “MTShow2020” and the downloadable files will show up in your browser.

More info: Music Technology Show 2020

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • The site is down. It is like a DOS attack as the server has been inundated be with requests.
      I’m not surprised because the site always lack of serious performance.
      I already have them (vst) all as they packed for you when buying the magazine.
      Good luck to you all.
      Most probably, they will extend the due date.

  1. Thanks BPB for all info about the free stuff but I have a problem this website is not opening (its saying This site can’t be took too long to respond.

    Checking the connection)

    Please help please

  2. just keep opening new tabs till one of the tab successfully establish connection and proceed to load the page. leaving it alone and wait for it load finish then page it appear. leave the loaded page open then repeat for other links. that is how i got it

    • Thanks I been trying for 3 hours but ur idea solve this problem in 3 min I open 50 new tabs and 1 tab open thanks

  3. George Martínez


    Any tip for succesfuly creating an account? I already had access to the main page but the problem it’s that I am creating a new account :/

    • If you can get the main page to load and you type out your registration info, and the next page fails, don’t close that tab. Keep reloading the page until the info sends. You’ll know it’s working and not just reloading the page if the page is warning you it’ll have to resend the information.

      If you want more advice check my comment at the bottom of the page, I have a technique that’s been loading pages 100% of the time.

    • Simbarashe Motsi


      Can you have the files on drive or mega and share them with the less fortunate (who tried for hours but kept failing)

  4. Thanks so much once again Tomislav, BPB, Christian and Satyabrata, this is really very awesome.

    Sorry to hear some people are having issues.

    I had issues as well.
    I would recommend that using an ethernet cable is better than using wi-fi to help you with this issue.

    My issue:
    Every time i saw the page which says: this page won’t load (or when the page times out after about 5 or 10 mins for each page), i scrolled back to the page before the failure notice (same page i was on) & i tried the same thing again & again (reloading the page was a waste of time for me).
    This took me about 3 or 4 attempts per page & it did take a long time for each page to successfully load in the end, but each page did eventually load.

    I kept patient & i got there in the end.
    Theres still time but you just need to multitask while trying it & take your time. Its worth it in the end.
    The actual download took about the normal time to complete, so that was fine in the end but i did wonder how long it would take to complete the download while the web page’s wouldn’t load.

    I hope this info helps

    Many thanks Tomislav & good luck everyone & Happy Halloween

  5. If anyone is having trouble, here is my advice, it’s a bit odd and I don’t know how it works or why it works.

    I recommend Firefox on Windows 10. start loading the site or page, then minimize the window, focus another window.
    I am unsure if other browsers or operating systems will work.
    This seems to keep the tab trying to make an active connection until the connection is made instead of timing out.
    Give it a couple minutes or so, open Firefox back open and it should be loaded.

    If you’re doing this correctly and it’s still not working the only thing I can think of is my taskbar is set to autohide, I’m not sure why that would make Firefox load anything differently, but it works. like every time even if that autohide bs has nothing to do with it.

    I tried the lottery trick someone else mentioned, where you just keep popping tabs until one works eventually. Good luck getting it to even register your account. If you are trying to register an account and it fails, and the page times out. Don’t close the tab, just keep refreshing until it sends the information. That’s what I did. But that’s how I did it before figuring out the minimize technique. Loading multiple pages (trying to lotto through it) at the same time without one failing (like 5+ pages) is what taught me the minimize tech.

    It takes sometime to do it all and downloading is slow, but I think with everything you get, it really is worth it to take the time and get them while you can.

    • After some more experimentation, don’t try it with Google Chrome, I wouldn’t even try it on Firefox with Google Chrome open, make sure the browser is fully closed. But it does seem to still work if you have another Firefox window open, with the window your attempting to load minimized. That way you can keep using the internet while you wait if that’s what you would prefer to do in the meantime

      Hope this helps someone out.

  6. Stanislau Babrou


    Upload the files to the disk and let you download to people who can’t enter the site. is it difficult for you?

  7. the site doesn’t load :/ i think everyone overloaded there servers cuz 90 plugins for free lol XDDD its doens’t one tho ://

  8. i know filesilo was a slow site before, but jesus christ, this is reaching disgraceful levels of connectivity, like wtf?
    it’s been a whole day and it still doesn’t load? AND it’s limited until today? kinda stupid on their behalf

    • The IT department don’t appear to have prepared the servers Pipes/Bandwidth for increased demand inline with the promotion on this usually under performing service – poor communications between Marketing and IT?!

      Are they monitoring the traffic and load demand or do they only work Monday to Friday ( 9:00-17:00)? Low budget server? Strange situation!!!

      Perhaps they should have offered slots to reduce demand and give the impression of an efficient service. A wasted opportunity.

      • Yea man, but think about it. I lost such a big opportunity today, and giveaways like these don’t usually happen. I really wanted Dune CM and Hornet’s 1176 compressor. Seems like I won’t ever get them. Talk about buying the manual? My parents are extremely unsupportive towards my music. Sorry for talking like this, I am just too sad to care today.

        • Hey mate, eventually I managed to download them all somehow……if you tell me your email address, I can send the plugs you needed.

        • Hey! I managed to download them as well. Does my email show up under my name on the top of this comment? If so then feel free to email and I can share with you 🙂

  9. I’ve tried to get these, on and off about 7 hours and could get as far as trying to register an account and it always ended there – it could not send the info forward and yes, I refreshed the said page at least a hundred times and sometimes it would open the log in page again and then – like a looney – I tried to register again. After a few registering attempts the page displayed a red text saying, you must be a robot! Yes, I think I am and a stubborn one at that, it’s too bad, that it didn’t help any and their generous offer turned out to be a dud!

  10. Got there in the end – and then BitDefender decided there was a virus risk! Added an exception (and virus scanned the downloaded files just to be on the safe side!) and all seems to be in order.

    Right then – let’s have a play…

  11. George Martínez


    I think the website it’s up and running right now fellas :D I managed to do the process -from registration to redeeming the deal successfuly- in about 30 mins :D (I used, Motzilla Firefox but Google Chrome seems to be loading the page at the same rate).

  12. Congrats to everyone who succeeded to DL the package. As a regular CM client, all I can say is dealing with is the PITA-est ever. What a joke…CM, this is for you – stop saving money and respect your clients!

  13. 5 hours trying, up until 00:00. It’s gone, and I am frustrated. It was just impossible, and I had my hopes high after having been able to register and to succesfully log in. Too bad.

  14. Guys. There’s nothing new in these packs as far as I can tell. Previous CM packs have the same stuff. If you have a public library card, you can use Pressreader to get CM issues (and RB Digital to get Beat). Any recent issue will get you all the plugins and samples. Do not freak out if you couldn’t get in on today’s promo.

    • I would also like to add. If the promotion is down. And you’re bummed about missing out on the samples specifically. All of them (except maybe a few packs out of their best of packs might not be included) (I haven’t gone through and gotten the duplicates out yet.) Are included in musicradar’s royalty free packs that are always publicly available without doing anything extra or loading issues.

      I also seen some worried about the license of the samples in the best of packs, I assume they’re all royalty free samples, but I’m not the owner of any of it, and even if I’m correct it’s possible that a license could change, but that’s unlikely. Either way there’s a whole library of royalty free samples for you all to pick through. (If you happened to get the best of pack, you’ll see duplicates on that page, but I’d double check cause it might not all be hosted on that page.)

  15. Patient But Stupid


    For anyone who thinks they missed out: I am presently downloading these packs after the long, arduous journey through Refreshville. Wish I had thought to deactivate adblock and the like sooner. Once I did that, the downloads popped up. I didn’t have to do the “minimized trick”. Hope this helps!!!!!


  17. Simbarashe Motsi


    Can someone share file links or URLs, of the downloads so we can also download the file spent the whole day trying to no avail.

  18. Ferenc Mosolyhozó Molnár


    Thanks for the info and also the firefox trick I’ve got this gift last night. 😊
    I like tonespot and Dune and the guitar FX plugins.

  19. I suppose the deal is off now. Can’t find the “free pack” in their items. This whole thing was a huge mess on CM’s part, lol.

  20. Ive been trying for three days and now when its too late (offer ended yesterday) it finally works! Wow, what a load of bs

  21. George Martínez


    XD Even tough I have the magazine registered to my account (288a) when I click on the magazine a “404 UPS Page not Found” message apears :V they really wanna play like that? It seems like, even if you have it registered, the downloads are not accesible right now. Hot mess!!!

  22. As someone above already pointed out – these plugins are already included in the CM bundle. So if you have access to that then you missed out on nothing – the samples are all on Music Radar as far as I can tell.

    This was great of BPB to post this – but terrible of CM to make this offer in such a PITA way.

    Seems like a massive e-mail trawling exercise on their (CM) behalf, and I can only imagine how many hours collectively were wasted on trying to download this – we’re probably talking 10’s of thousands of hours so maybe we could’ve used that energy in something productive.

    I don’t even want to imagine the eco footprint, what a waste. How many seals are going to drown for all those people who didn’t even get the VSTs.

  23. I’ve tried many times to get through last night without success. And yeah, now it’s gone.

    It’s like: here is your gift. You have only 15 minutes to collect it.
    BUT: it’s 200 miles from here and you can only get there on foot.

    • xactly how it feels. Page is now available for me now but no FeePack button…..ok it’s November 1st now but……knowing about the issue they should’ve let this run for a few more days.


  24. Sounds like a joke to me.
    Yesterday I could not register (even less access the download)
    Now it has allowed me to register but the download no longer exists.
    Making this offer with a server that is not able to keep up with the demand is a bad joke. Wasting so many people time to get nothing …
    If they do not extend the deadline, I will unsubscribe, remove them from my list and they will have lost a potential client, because of their unprofessional behavior.
    Gentlemen, do not make offers if you cannot fulfill them later …

    reply to this message if you want the plugins (i don’t have the samples), i can hook you up :)

  26. Missed all this :/ tried so hard to get them! If anyone got all the samples would you willing to share?? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  27. Guys, don’t worry if you missed it. I got in, but did not download anything – I don’t think there was anything special (w.r.t plugins) that is actually not included with the regular magazine downloads. Wait for the Dec version of Computer music and it’ll all be there.

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