Matt Tytel To Release A Free Wavetable Synth On November 24th


Matt Tytel, the developer behind the popular Helm freeware synthesizer, will release a new instrument called Vital (free and paid versions available) on November 24th.

Vital is a forthcoming spectral warping wavetable synthesizer by Matt Tytel. He is the author of the massively popular Helm synthesizer, which is featured on our list of the best freeware synths.

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Matt spent over three years developing Vital. The project looks very promising, and I won’t be surprised if this turns out the biggest VST plugin release of 2020.

Judging by the feature list and the screenshots, Vital is set to rival popular mainstream synthesizers like Serum and Massive. Combine that with the impeccable UI design and workflow optimization we’ve already seen in Helm, and it becomes painfully clear that the ability to fast-forward time to November 24th would be the superpower to have at the moment.

Vital will be available in four different versions, with four different pricing options:

  • Vital Basic – Free
  • Vital Plus – $25
  • Vital Pro – $80
  • Vital Subscription – $5 per month

According to the currently available information, all four editions will provide Vital’s full synthesis functionality. The difference is that the paid packs will include more presets, more wavetables, a larger sample pool, and more LFO patterns.

Taking a closer look at the specs, Vital Free will include 80 presets and 25 wavetables, whereas Vital Pro will include over 400 presets and 150 wavetables, with unlimited text-to-wavetable functionality. Users who opt for the $5 monthly subscription will receive first access to new features and other exclusive perks.

As for the synthesis engine, the main highlights are Vital’s high-quality wavetable oscillators with frequency warping and wave warping, an optimized unison mode (low CPU consumption), audio-rate frequency modulation, envelopes with custom curves, sample playback, microtonal file support, and MPE support.

We will also see innovative features like stereo-modulation, which will take advantage of Vital’s ability to stereo-split an LFO and delay the two channels. Another exciting feature is the drag-and-drop modulation workflow, with modulation preview before the connection was made.

At the moment, it isn’t possible to download Vital or hear it in action. But I guess that the quick preview video embedded above is more than enough to whet everyone’s appetite.

Vital will become available on November 24th in VST, VST3, AU, and LV2 plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

UPDATE: In The Mix launched a 50% OFF intro deal on Vital Plus. The offer includes a custom In The Mix preset pack. Ends on November 21st!

More info: Vital (to be released on November 24th, 2020)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Awesome, this synth is going to be incredible, it’s been my favorite. I’m so glad everyone else will get a chance to use this soon. I’ll be streaming it during the next couple weeks. not only does modulation preview when drag and dropping, you can use your scroll wheel to adjust the depth before you assign it. Meaning you can drag a mod, hover a destination, adjust depth, change you mind, try another destination, adjust depth and commit, all in one click

    • Jaime Ramírez


      Me fascinó este software me encantaría poder comprarlo pero con la versión de prueba podré darle una probadita

    • It’s still in essence a commercial synth. Consider it a very generous demo. Personally, if the videos are any indication, this wavetable synth will be incredible. I’ll most likely save up to buy the $80 tier! I can’t wait!

      With that said, I feel that as far as FREE synths go, there are much more generous and well-rounded synths on offer out there.

      • serum has been replaced by the free and powerful SURGE. Wich is leading into its own unique direction, without any competition. This free version better “have it all” to get me to raise an eyebrow! not dissing or acting ungrateful, just praising SURGE VSTi and its rapid expansion into my heart!

        Have made so many great unique and powerful presets, I love the modulation of EFFECTS!!! plus it contains powerful and unique AIRWINDOWS effects!!

        • i would rather not say


          i have to disagree with you. Surge’s ui seems very confusing to me. The interface looks to cluttered for my taste. Plus the modulation controls seem too weird. I’m pretty sure that Vital will be the REAL Serum killer (since it has a more user-friendly interface).

  2. This has the potential to be the best free synth ever. With waveform and vital and some more plugins , you can make anything you want in your favourite OS, be it Linux, Mac or Windows.

    Also, Vital complements the UI of Waveform Free quite well.

  3. No more talk of being open-source? text-to-wavetable needs internet connection, I hope that’s the only feature to need that.
    Anyways, fffwhoa… o_O;

  4. Patrik Roncolato


    Helm is my go-to synth, without it I wouldnt even had a single song haha
    now this thing is gonna be big and I’m gonna support Matt Tytel as I can

    • Just saw it… It was really wow… Hope all the features will be available in free version as well except presets and wavetables…

      • Thanks for your reply & yeah, 7 in 2021`cause this PC (Dell T5500) doesn’t like 10. Have U tried Vital on Windows7 . . .or is it OK to ask how you know it will work ?

            • i hope it will tho … i advise you to take the basic version first and see if its compatable with your pc just don’t get the paid onces first check if it work ^^^^

              • Win 7 is remarkably more usable and welcoming than Win 10.

                To me Win 10 assumes you’re a half wit and forces you to get used to having your system managed for you.

                So ironically my old pc is slower but smoother and “happier”.

                My new pc is never satisfied and keeps up a one way conversation of notifications, warnings, policies and explanations.

                So really? Win 10 so epic it replaces all before it?

                I think NOT

              • Matt Tytel wrote ;
                “I’m only supporting Windows 10 unfortunately”. . . .so will wait & see if that means the ‘basic’ version will not work on Windows7 ?

                • I have Vital and it is running perfectly fine on my Windows 7 machine. That’s not to say it will work for everyone of course.

  5. Tomislav, I think you meant “whet everyone’s appetite” :D

    I can’t wait for Vital. I’ve been visiting Matt’s Twitter like crazy, hoping for news. I exploded with joy when the teaser video finally appeared.

  6. Just a heads up Michael (aka In The Mix) has worked with Matt to provide a special intro offer deal on Vital Plus.

    Since I don’t know how URL’s are treated here just search for “Exclusive Early Access – VITAL Wavetable Synth” on YT and he discusses the details. He also provides the link to scoop up the deal.

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