Waves Will Release A Free CLA Plugin On Black Friday


Waves will release a free CLA Plugin as this year’s Black Friday freebie. Interested users can sign up now to receive the free plugin on November 27th, 2020.

A free Black Friday plugin from Waves became somewhat of a postulate over the past few years. The company released the Berzerk distortion plugin on Black Friday last year and the Sibilance de-esser the year before.

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We usually don’t have any details about what the Waves team will unleash on Black Friday, but things are a bit different this time. What we do know is that this year’s freebie will be part of the Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series of plugins.

Of course, this bit of info doesn’t make it obvious what the plugin will be designed to do. However, we can guess that, much like the rest of the CLA Plugin series, it will be some sort of multi-effect intended to tackle a specific mixing task.

If we look at the previous entries like CLA Drums, CLA Vocals, or CLA Bass, it makes sense to assume that the forthcoming Black Friday freebie will be a mixing tool aimed at a particular type of instrument.

The confirmation message doesn't reveal any additional info apart from the release date.

The confirmation message doesn’t reveal any additional info apart from the release date.

That said, we will have to wait until November 27th for the definitive answer.

Until then, visit the promo page linked below and sign up to receive your copy of the new Waves freebie on Black Friday. Like every year, the license info will be delivered via email.

On a related note, Waves launched the Black Friday Early Bird Sale with exclusive deals on a range of best-selling plugins. Purchase multiple products for additional bonus discounts.

Last but not least, there’s a new series of 10-minute long mixing tutorials on the Waves’ website and YouTube channel. The series is called Mixing with Depth, and it’s hosted by Chris Lord-Alge.

New videos are added every week, and the content is free to watch (thanks to our reader PureFire for the suggestion). It’s worth checking out for anyone looking to improve their mixing skills.

Be advised that the Waves website usually gets tons of traffic on Black Friday, resulting in slower loading speeds and occasional downtime. So, it’s better to sign up in advance and ensure you’re among the first to receive the new Waves freebie.

More info: Waves Black Friday Freebie (registration page)

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  1. Thanks very much Tomislav & BPB, this news is very much appreciated.
    I got an email for this kind offer from Waves this evening.
    Whatever it is that Waves & Chris Lord Alge is offering, it will be guaranteed to be of awesome build & design quality 😊
    Chris Lord Alge, aka ‘Lord Of The Mix’ has some quality videos offering excellent advice on the Waves website / YouTube.
    I started watching “Mixing With Depth” – a series which started last week, continuing every week thereafter, straight talking guy & very much respected 👍

    Thanks again Tomislav & BPB, Respect 👊

      • Mark M Thompson


        It’ll be CLA Depth I reckon: emulations of his favourite/go to reverb and delay units if this series of videos is anything to go by. I know CLA Effects already exists, but maybe this’ll be more editable and actual hardware emus.

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