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Download Six FREE Sample Packs By Slate Digital


Slate Digital offers six exclusive free sample packs with over 1.5 GB of royalty-free sample content.

These sample packs were previously available as part of Slate Digital’s premium “All Access Pass” membership only (starting at $9.99 per month). Now everyone can download them for free from the Slate Digital website.

The offer includes six free sample packs, with over 1.5 GB of sample content in total. Here’s the list of the included sound packs:

  • Hip-Hop Sample Pack (over 500 hip-hop samples)
  • EDM Sample Pack (over 500 custom EDM drum sounds)
  • 808 Collection (60 high-quality TR-808 drum machine samples)
  • Vintage Drums Volume 1, 2, 3 (original and processed drum machine samples)

The collection is a must-download for any producer in need of high-quality drum samples. Whether you’re looking for classic drum machines or modern EDM drum sounds, the Slate Digital sound packs are sure to deliver.

Of course, these free samples are just a small portion of what you’d get by signing up for the “All Access Pass” subscription. Members receive over $5,000 worth of VST plugins, the popular ANA 2 virtual instrument, demo sessions, tutorials, and many additional samples.

On a related note, Slate Digital recently released a free acoustic drum VST plugin called SSD 5.5 Free. It features a limited collection of drum sounds, but the included mixer and effects make it an incredibly versatile virtual drum kit.

To download your free copy of the Slate Digital kits, visit the product page linked below and click the “Get Them For Free” button. This will take you to the free checkout page.

Enter your details and a valid email address to complete the checkout process. The download links are delivered via email. You can download the sample packs separately or as a 1.5 GB all-on-one pack.

If you need a freeware drum sampler plugin for playing these and other sounds, we recommend Sitala, Grace, and Poise.

More info: Slate Digital Free Sample Packs (1.53 GB download size, ZIP archive, 24-bit WAV format)

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Contrary to what ADSR Sounds did some time ago with their separate free sample packs, I really appreciate Slate Digital’s approach. A few clicks and everything is downloaded in one go.

    • agreed! while i seriously appreciate the range and quality of sounds that ADSR gave us, the process was an absolute mess. 20 ‘add to cart’ clicks, some of the zips were formatted badly—one of them was named “/.zip” …???—and some of them were presets instead of samples (not complaining, just a note).

      a single quick, clean download is highly preferred.

      • Lmao..Bro? That’s probably bkz you over looked the fact (as i did) when i tried to download the (20 ADSR sample packs) of downloading the SAMPLES APP firstly (which is their goal) and not trying to download the files/zip directly. That’s why, as you said, some appeared to be PRESETS vS samples.>>>That’s bkz the have it set up so ACKWARDLY, as you said a MESS lmao smh, and they don’t exactly tell you that trying to download them directly is not best advised. Bkz when i realized my error, i downloaded the Sample APP and when i opened it up EVERYTHING/ALL samples showed up of the ADSR 20 save for on RED SOUNDS pack that i may somehow possibly deleted by accident. But there was a grip of kool lil samples they had, pretty decent, with a lot of textured styles, versatile and variated etc. BUT THIS SAMPLE PACK i have DL’d as well and it was DELICIOUSLY GOOD. A plethora of very SOLID Rhythmic, Melodic, Groovy, Moody samples that sound very authentic, familiar, yet unique. I liked them a lot, i skimmed thru quit a few of them with Media player after DL’ing to see if i wanted to keep, or trash’em lol. I was pleasantly surprised at the over all >>>QUALITY, sound of the samples facts. Iv’e been DLing so many FREE plugins iv’e been up for d*mn 2 whole days ahaha!>>It’s a FREBIE FRENZY going on right now and there are still TONS to come as we aren’t even in the thick of B Friday smh lol. It’s ALL been GREAT so far, i hope they give out something we all may individually need that we lacked in our rig aha!

    • YES! It’s pretty great lol. The samples are FANTASTICALLY phenominal to my surprise. A lot of good, passionate work into making those facts. Many QUALITY samples that are extremely usable, applicable etc. I enjoyed them and haven’t even used them yet, so i know when i get to slicing/dicing, Choppin’em up i’m gonna cook up some bangers of the rip. Very good sample pack . The only complain i could give if any, is that the EQ’ing of the samples general sound tone which could have been a little more surgically mixed, enhancing, matching the quality level of the sample packs initial sounds,loops etc. But that’s not really much of an issue as i typically will throw a (3 band EQ) on a individual sample, and or instrument anyway to clean up (masking) frequencies, and to help the mix glue/come together which allows lesser usage of mixing plugins on the (group Channel) and so on. But the samples are DOPE overall. It’s all good>>I’ll EQ for them ahaha!!

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