Slate Digital Releases FREE Fresh Air Plugin (iLok Cloud)


Slate Digital has released Fresh Air, a FREE (for a limited time only) exciter and dynamic high-end processor plugin. A free iLok Cloud user account is required to activate the software.

Fresh Air was announced last week, but it wasn’t clear if the plugin will only be available for paid Slate Digital subscribers.

Slate Digital released the plugin today, and now we know all the details. Fresh Air is free for all users, but you can only get it for free for a limited time.

Also, Fresh Air requires an iLok account for activation purposes. You don’t need the USB dongle, though. You can sign up for a free iLok user account and use the iLok License Manager application to activate Fresh Air on your computer.

Here’s how Slate Digital describes the new plugin:

Add smooth, crisp top end to your vocals, beats, samples & even full mixes in seconds without a single ounce of harshness. Once you hear the difference Fresh Air makes, you’ll never want to go without it. And the best part? You can get Fresh Air FOR FREE! But only for a limited time, so get yours now!

The plugin is free to download for a limited time only. It’s not yet clear when the free download offer will expire. Sign up today to register Fresh Air to your Slate Digital user account.

Slate Digital Fresh Air – Overview

So, Fresh air is a dynamic exciter plugin design for delivering smooth high-frequencies. It’s intended for boosting the top end without introducing harshness.

The plugin can be used for adding air and clarity to individual tracks like vocals and guitars. You can also use it to brighten up the entire mix. 

According to Slate Digital, the newly released Fresh Air plugin is based on vintage exciter circuits (classic Dolby-A noise reduction modded exciters), combined with advanced dynamics processing. The result is modern, transparent high-and processing with a vintage shine.

Fresh Air by Slate Digital.

Fresh Air by Slate Digital.

Fresh Air features two main control knobs (Mid Air and High Air), a link switch (for linking the two control knobs), a bypass switch, and a trim knob. It comes with a set of presets that cover some common mixing scenarios (Vocal Air, Mixbus Sparkle, etc.). The user can save custom presets for later use, too.

It’s worth noting that you can still download the recently announced six free sample packs from Slate Digital. It is a versatile collection of royalty-free drum samples, especially for those who need EDM drums and drum machine hits.

Slate Digital Fresh Air – Free Download

So, how do you get a free copy of Slate Digital’s new Fresh Air plugin?

First, visit the product page linked below and click the GET IT FREE button. After that, sign in to your Slate Digital user account (or register a new one) and agree to the terms. Once a Fresh Air license has been added to your account, you can download the installer and use the iLok License Manager to activate the software.

Please note that you won’t receive a license key from Slate Digital. The plugin is activated via iLok Cloud (requires an active internet connection).

Fresh Air is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

More info: Slate Digital Fresh Air (47.4 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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    • YES! You need the ilok app registration dongle to be able to register and use this free product. Fortuntately, i have had an ilok account for 5 years or so, so it’s no biggie to me. I just DL the fee product per usual, then open up my music production DAW software and when the plugin is scanned and prompts me to REGISTER the serial by way thru ilok i then ADD my account info, serial number etc and then boom, it accepts and My DAW finishes the scan as normal. Then when i open it up in my DAW it’s ready to go. SO it’s not really as bad as people contend as for pertaining to the very hated, and resented “ilok dongle”. Thankfully more software plugin developers are these days forgoing using the ilok dongle registration, and allow more DIRECT registry with neccessity of ilok’s dongle. The main complain i have with the dingle is is that if your INTERNET service is down, not working for whatever reason that maybe, the ilok NEEDS, demands online access of the plugins will NOT WORK at all until your online internet acess is back active unfortunately. The way it sould go is once it is registered in ilok it shouldn’t need the inyernet to VALIDATE the license/serial over and over again everytime you boot up smh. THAT’S why people abhor, and dislike it so much bkz it’ not a “Space eater” or anything of the sort, it just demands (active) internet access everytime for the license to be read.> I believe you can OPT to put, store the LICENSE on your PC’s HDD tho vs it being deadlocked thru iloks internet registering mechanisms. Bkz i DO have plugins registered in ilok that boot with nointerference/ DON’T ask me to sign thru internet active access. I have a PULSAR compressor for example that i must have stored the license on ilok VS my PC HDD, so if the internet is not working, neither is the plugin. IDK if it allows me to store that licenseon my PC or not bkz i just wanted to get it registered and see was it any good, worth adding to my arsenal etc. So there are ways around the frustrating aspects of iloks dongle, but all in all it’s just EASIER to not have to use it. But it does have its PROTECTIVE value of your free/purchased software DL’s, it’s just to over protective if anything ahahha ijs tho. But its not a deal breaker for me bkz if the freebie is good enough it’s easily worth it. And software developers seem to HONOR the ilok registration a lot more respectfully. MAny will offer BOTH ways these days. You can either choose to register it thru ilok, or not, i.e do a direct website account transition registration. SO it all just depends on your prefference really. We use to not have any choice, you HAD to or else couldn’t register you productives effectively. But the industry, software developers saw very quickly how TURNED OFF consumers were by such tedious antics just to get their plugins registered. They took the WALL down to say the least bkz people were just BYPASSING those companies products who were bent of using iloks dongle. So they EXPRESSLY will now mention “NO ILOK DONGLE NEEDED” lmao bahahha!! LESSON LEARNED, and smartly of them to take note bkz WE put that $$$$ in their pockets so we should have the last say so facts.

    • You don’t need one, but if you don’t have a dongle your computer must have a stable internet connection and you have to use the plug-in through a iLok Cloud session every time you want to use it. Sucks for me because my mixing PC is too far from the router to use wi-fi and I can’t run a cable straight through the whole house and two floors down everytime I want to use this plug-in.

  1. Same here, iLock – Cloud only! No way to activate on my machine? It just says Dongle or Cloud, which then needs permanent inet – connection?

    • Thanks for the info. I will not bother getting this effect, if it requires constant connection to the net.
      Last year there was similar situation with a limited time free plugin offer. After the release users asked for more activation options. A few days went by and developer changed iLok Cloud to PC authorization as well.

      • I’ve just checked which plugin it was exactly – Nembrini Audio NA Lo-Fi. Released on 19th of March 2019. At first it was only 1 license available through iLok Cloud Session. With feedback from multiple gearslutz forum users, developer changed it to 2 licenses and added machine authorization = no constant internet connection needed. I was only wrong about “a few days”. It actually took 3 weeks for the authorization change to happen. Still, it was one of a kind situation for me personally and for many other users I suppose.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      After getting the plugin in your Slate Digital user account, it should prompt you to connect your iLok account and then use iLok Cloud to activate. In other words, there’s no activation code.

      • just a hypothetical… what if ur really stupid and u click no on the ilok cloud thing, how do u activate the plugin after that

  2. Received my activation code after 10 hours – and it had already expired. Requested another but can’t since it says I needed to confirm my email via a link which has expired….

    Long story short – waste of time and ill will garnered by this – don’t offer a conditional freebie and then fail to uphold your end of the ‘transaction’.

      • I think the problem was the plugin didn’t appear in my slate user account. Due to … not me.

        I eventually managed to get this and had a play around – it works as advertised, seems pretty OK.

        But I think the time I spent making this happen was probably not worth it since it was about an hour of my life … maybe it will pay off in the long run …. but I doubt it.

    • Same thing over here bro smh. I clicked the verifiy Email link on their home website. Waited for the Verification Email, as you said 8 to 10 hours later multiple tries, and the link already being expired. I sent an Email back telling them this. Then, hours, & hours later, they sent me an Email saying that if your service was running thru “Verizon, Yahoo” etc and a few other services that you would have to delete the other account, and USE A NEW, DIFFERENT EMAIL bkz Verizon service pack was not performing correctly. Some bs like that ahah smh lol. I sent an reply Email &>> said NOPE, I’M GOOD, KEEP IT, I PASS!

    • Sad but true. At least some developers still give us the option to opt out of background data sending. With others we need to rely on additional software, to tell us that a plugin is calling home.

  3. Thanks very much Tomislav, BPB & Slate Digital for this nice plug-in. I thought i’d let you know how i’m getting on with it so far this morning.
    Last night i signed up for a Slate Digital account.
    After i received the email to confirm my email address which took a little while, i created an iLok account, downloaded & installed the plug-in.
    After the plug-in was installed (i was still connected to the internet & logged into the iLok & Slate Digital accounts) i launched Ableton without first authorising the plug-in.
    Ableton asked if i wanted to download the PACE license manager (iLok) so i did that.
    While Ableton was opening, the plug-in connected to the internet at the start of my session, then it automatically registered itself in a few seconds.

    I disconnected the internet while Ableton was still open just to see what happens.

    So far i’ve found that if i leave Ableton open or minimised, then the plug-in still works without internet access, but i get a no internet notification after 5 or 10 minutes of disconnecting.

    I’ve left my computer disconnected for over an hour so far after i finished making a test beat & the plug-in is still working & still sounding fresh.

    If i quit Ableton, then re-open it again i need internet access again at the start for those few seconds for it to register itself.

    So it only needs internet access at the start of a session until you quit Ableton or turn your computer off.
    I don’t know what happens if your computer goes to sleep, or if it automatically logs out of your account though, i don’t use either of those settings.

    I personally have mixed opinions about this iLok security, but i can see both sides of the argument.
    Its not very good if you have a laptop with no internet, but its ok if you’re at home or if you have a desktop.
    I do like the plug-in though, it sounds really nice for adding some ‘air’ to audio that needs it & does a nice job of it too for an exciter plug-in.
    Thanks very much Tomislav 👍

  4. Ilok aka I’m locked is unfortunately not a user friendly protection scheme. It causes unnecessary stress and further complicates the whole music production process.

  5. I dont like that plugin at all. Unninstal! So much difficulties with cloud – its not wort it – every start, for what?

  6. Can someone help me?
    I downloaded Fresh Air and also latest version of Ilok. I’m getting the message that activation code has been sent to Ilok but there’s nothing there. Same thing happens with SoftTube. Meanwhile I purchased Excalibur and it works, I got the activation code. Does anyone have same issue?

  7. does anyone else have trouble with slate products and the ilok? i downloaded this, cant get it to work, had the mnthly subscription, didnt work. but i have loads of other plug-ins etc that work fine the same way. and slate havent been able to help?

  8. This failed my 1hour install timescale that I now stick too – so I really don’t care how good this is.

    I’ve wasted so much valuable studio time in the past trying to get new plugins to install and work, so I give it an hour now, and if not successful by then it goes in the bin !

    even having ilok isn’t good enough for these guys, has to be a cloud ilok, so means installing another version of ilok, which will probably fuck up the ones I have installed and activated.

    So its a big fat NO from me !!

  9. The first impression after testing for a four (minus‽), the boxed solution does not reach the declared ultra high-end, there is a taste of”plastic porridge”. Still, it should be noted the expected usability of the app and pleasant visualization. It remains to hope that the algorithms will finish and there will be an update, freebies (°°) ~

  10. upd_ four (minus‽) (4 from five ⭐)

    Flash Back 2016? o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

    Roth-AIR: A VST/AU plug-in mixing tool for easily adding airy, crispy presence to your audio.
    Click for free download (Win/Mac)
    System requirements:
    Windows 7 SP1 or later
    Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9 or later
    3W dot danielrothmann dot com

  11. Seriously? What the F%%$6% is this iLok managing thing asking my birthday, wanting my browser to accept cookies, asking me for as many questions as if I was asking for a loan? Sorry, but I’ll skip on this one VST.

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