Slate Digital Will Release FREE Fresh Air Plugin On Black Friday


Slate Digital will release a free dynamic high-frequency processor VST plugin called Fresh Air on Black Friday.

The news was announced today in Slate Digital’s email newsletter.

Fresh Air is a forthcoming plugin by Slate Digital. There isn’t a lot of information available at the moment. The announcement states that it will be a “dynamic high-frequency processor” effect. Also, Fresh Air will be available for free download, but it is not clear if this is a time-limited offer only or a freeware plugin from Slate Digital.

Here is a bit more information about the Fresh Air plugin by Slate Digital.

Based on vintage exciter circuits & state-of-the-art dynamics processing, Fresh Air lets you add just the right amount of brilliance & shine to your mix in a simple interface you can start using right away.

So, what do we know about Fresh Air so far?

  1. It will be offered as a free download on Black Friday 2020.
  2. It is a dynamic processor based on vintage exciter circuits.
  3. It will feature a modern-looking user interface with only two knobs.

We will update this article as more information becomes available.

Slate Digital scheduled Fresh Air for release on Black Friday.

Slate Digital scheduled Fresh Air for release on Black Friday.

On a related note, Slate Digital recently released six free sample packs. You can still download them from the Slate Digital website.

Also, another big developer is releasing a free plugin on Black Friday. Waves announced that a brand new CLA plugin is coming next week.

More info: Slate Digital

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    • I think it will require a physical dongle. If someone doesn’t have a subscription plan for Slate Digital plugins, activation via iLok Cloud doesn’t work. I’ve wondered why there was so little talk about Revival and Monster in articles online that mentioned free effects. Today I found out why.

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Could be! I’m hoping that Fresh Air will be free without having to use the dongle, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  1. What confuses me is they say it will be out on Black Friday but at the bottom of the message you get:

    “Fresh Air is my new go-to plugin when it comes to adding presence to any vocal—or even my entire mix. It’s like taking a blanket off my speakers.” —Mix engineer Andrew Wuepper (Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry)

    Was a paid product coming free or is brand new?

  2. For those who’ve done it, is it worth getting an iLok USB? The majority of plugins I’ve encountered don’t require it, but Slate for some reason is being annoying like that. I wonder what their reasoning is. Isn’t a regular iLok desktop license activation secure enough?

  3. I think iLok USB is just unnecessary. Users don’t need to be bothered with additional steps to use plugins. Majority of developers do not require it, just like you’ve mentioned. Market is filled with plenty of good sounding alternatives.

  4. Everyone be sure to also get the six free sample packs from Slate, as mentioned in the article. They’re really versatile and even include chord progressions.

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