MGate-Multi By Mogwai Audio Tools Is FREE For A Limited Time


Mogwai Audio Tools offers the MGate-Multi ($9.99 value) multiband gate plugin as a free download for a limited time.

The plugin normally costs $9.99, but you can currently get it for free. Just head to the MGate-Multi product page, add it to your cart and enter your details; pretty straightforward.

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MGate-Multi is a smart 6-band gate plugin with a very nice GUI. The top half of the GUI is a visual display, showing what’s coming in and what’s going out.

Each band is clear to see, and bands can be removed, added, bypassed, soloed, or deactivated easily. You can alter the display to show just the incoming or outgoing signal or both.

The lower section of the GUI is where you’ll find controls to shape each band’s response. Starting with the basics, you have threshold, ratio, attack, and release that you’d see on any typical dynamic processor, like a compressor.

For anyone new to noise gates, you can think of them as doing the opposite of a compressor. A compressor attenuates the loud and boosts the quiet to bring each end of the dynamic range closer together. A noise gate attenuates the quietest parts, which means it increases the dynamic range.

The threshold is the level at which anything underneath will be attenuated. You decide by how many dB’s you want the signal to be decreased by adjusting the ratio. Attack and release controls determine how fast the gate opens and closes.

Unless you are using the gate to create an obvious effect, you should be careful with the attack/release to avoid sounding unnatural. For example, a snare might lose its sharp transient nature if the attack time is too slow.

MGate-Multi actually has a lovely Lookahead function to help deal with faster attack signals. It’s similar to some hardware that will have a built-in delay line, so you get the pure transient and can shape the attack on it perfectly.

Remember, all of these controls are available per band, and switching from band to output will take you to the master controls for dry/wet mix and gain.

Apologies to all who are well-versed in gate plugins, but it doesn’t hurt to cover some basics for those who aren’t (yet). Any insight tends to come from my own past misunderstandings as a student, like the difference between noise gating and noise reduction.

MGate-Multi is available as VST3/AU and AAX plugins for macOS and Windows (64-bit only).

More info: MGate-Multi (FREE for a limited time)

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  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    Many thanks to BPB readers PureFire, Jamie, and Christian for the info about the Mogwai Audio Tools freebie!

  2. Maybe try loading the home page (instead of using the whole link), then manually navigate to the product, this worked for me after the link wouldn’t load the page (503 error).
    I’m having freeze & other minor issues in Live 10 / Mac at the moment though tbh, otherwise a great plug-in though.

    • Thanks again for the always helpful info!

      Beyond the initial website issue, I’ve had no trouble at all in use (Logic Pro/macOS Catalina)

      • Your welcome James.
        Same here with Logic, its working fine.
        This plug-in came alone at just the right time for me, as i wanted to attenuate a snare drum in an acapella (scratchapella). This has done a better job than the eq i tried the last week & im quite happy about that 😊
        I noticed that Ableton was not listed on the supported host list, but it does work. It might just be my set up, i’m not sure.
        This is copied & pasted from the FAQ page on the website:
        “The plugins have been tested in most popular DAWs including Logic Pro X, Studio One, Cubase, Reaper, Mixbus, Cakewalk, Audition and Protools 11 up”
        Thanks again.

        • I got the beachball with Logic too, i had to force quit
          Right click on the app icon in the dock & press alt (option key), then force quit, or use Activity Monitor.
          Windows 10 – With your application selected, press Alt+F4 on your keyboard or use task manager.

          • This issue has been fixed in version 3.0.5 which is downloadable from the website.

            We have also moved to a new web server which offers much better performance.

            Thanks everyone for downloading!

  3. Link says service unavailable or don’t download id ya get past the error…. maybe check your links before posting them

    More info: MGate-Multi (FREE for a limited time)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      We do check each link before posting. Mogwai Audio’s website seems to be having some temporary server issues (as websites do).

  4. Just to let you know about a few other recent plug-ins, both on Patreon:
    Analog Obsession – fiver (EQ) – five band EQ
    Airwindows – Channel 9 (desk console algorithms) – Neve, Solid State Logic, Mackie & two others.

  5. Division One


    Great find :) Was looking for such plugin for long time , but most of them have high two or three digits price tag.
    Even if it would be in regular price it’s worth it :) Thankx !!!

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