Get Kilohearts Multipass For $29 @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique has a hidden $29 deal on Kilohearts Multipass ($118 Value) until March 31st, 2021.

You won’t find this deal on the Plugin Boutique website; just use the code PBMULTIPASS before checkout to claim the discount.

Kilohearts Multipass is a multi-band effects plugin for macOS and Windows (AU, VST2, AAX, Snapin formats). Multipass takes the input signal and allows you to split it into five (or less) frequency bands. The idea is that you can target specific parts of a sound rather than throw a blanket effect over the whole thing.

Multipass is a host plugin for Kilohearts Snapins, which are effects processors that you add like modules. Each frequency band can have as many Snapins as you like, although the more you add, the more it works your CPU. There are loads of Snapins, but you get five to start with from the deal. The five Snapins are Chorus, Delay, Gain, Limiter, and Stereo.

The included Snapins are pretty straightforward, so I’ll skip going over them individually; the creativity will come from how you chain them together. But, they do have some nice functions, like the Duck feature on the Delay Snapin. When engaged, it only lets the echoed sound pass if there is no dry signal coming through to avoid a nice delay turning to mud.

Multipass isn’t the first tool that allows you to split the input signal in this way; there are different ways to do it in different DAW’s. The thing that makes Multipass appealing to me is the layout. From left to right, you have the pre-effects band, up to five adjustable frequency bands, and the post-effects band. It makes parallel processing easy, with mix knobs available on every band for complete control of your routing.

Multipass has many modulation options, too, with two LFOs, two envelope followers, and a pitch follower. I’ve heard people say that Multipass is a pretty complicated plugin to use, but I would disagree.

I think the idea of adding effects to different frequency bands within the same sound might be daunting to beginners who are just getting to grips with plugins. I’d say it’s an easy-to-use plugin that can do complex things. Because of its modular nature, you could look at it like Multipass lets you create your own multiband plugins.

To get the most out of it, I think you’ll need more Snapins, but this deal is a good place to start.

Don’t forget that AudioThing Wave Box is FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique this month.

More info: Kilohearts Multipass ($29 with coupon code PBMULTIPASS until March 31st, 2021)

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    • Hi,
      okay, you’re right, it’s not free stuff and sure, the focus here is on free plugs. But in my opinion, it’s also a good service to share information about decent deals. So, why not?

    • It’s totally fine with me, if there’s like a super big deal on some cool plugins, i’m definitely satisfied if Tomi or James shares it with us.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I’m right here. :) As always, BPB covers freeware releases, temporary freebies (like the Waves OneKnob Louder last weekend), deals (such as this one), and reviews.

    • Considering this isn’t an advertised deal, this is greatly appreciated. Almost 75% off a 120$ product that you either have to pay full for just the product or you have to purchase the product in their Toolbox ULTIMATE bundle for 500$ which is still a discount from buying everything individually that would equal 1,290$.

      Maybe I’m just not sure what the issue is. Have you thought about going to the company’s and people who make products you want and telling them they just don’t give you enough free stuff or? I mean it’s probably a bit more effective than taking up the issue with blog writers. Besides I haven’t gotten my Plugin Boutique free with purchase product AudioThing Wave Box yet and this is the best offer they’ve had all month for me. Regardless I don’t think this blog has changed it’s policy or practices at least since I’ve started visiting the site. Seems all pretty standard stuff.

      • RIght. Agreed. I don’t know what the hell bro is complaining about? If anything he needs to be THANKING (Tom, James, BPB etc) for giving him all the (free) plugins, & i would beg to argue that the perspective he’s complaining from in truth/reality is the exact opposite. They do us a HUGE favor TRACKING DOWN ALL THE COST CUTTER what i like to cal “Flea Market” deals. Who wants to have to search all those hundreds of websites trying to locate the best price points to save $$ on desired products, >>>As well, Tom, James, BPB has a very RESPECTED/RESPECTABLE, admirable REPUTATION, and relationship with most ALL the best Software developer companies, in short, they are extremely (talented) at being the LIASON between all bedroom producers world wide, with an extensive amoutn of (content) to offer on their ingenuis platform form that keeps ANY producer FEED, full, and satisfied for what his, or her interest may seek! THey are bar none i would say #1 in the music producer culture/community in giving solid, valuable, profound ground breaking informations that is helping to set the stage for what is the (future) to come in all things music production that’s facts. Best believe that if there’s any music software production tool that is going to change the game, and set the new wave, Tom, James, & BPB WILL be on IT lmao, & that i am confident of, more facts!! BPB are the “Appex Predators” of anything moving of the Free & paid Vst markets. He better put some RESPECT on they name you feel me bro ahha ijs tho smh? He must not know who he’s dealing with. These the KINGS right here on God tmh. THey good Men/people to. They don’t just block, delete users accounts etc for getting a lil raw in comments, censoring everything like most social sites which is rare to say the least. U may get a (Warning) & respectfully asked to respect the space, but Tom & the fellaz are solid brothers deserving of nothing but respect imo. ANd again, there work as for BPB is second to none. They ARE my MAIN goto for ALL things music Vst free & paid, and all quality, no trash! #TheEndAllBeAllSolution #BPB facts!

  1. Thanks James & BPB, this is much appreciated info.
    Mogwai Audio Tools – MGATE-MULTI has received an update (along with a few of their other plug-ins).
    I have posted the link through “contact us” (BPB) & also on the recent MGATE-MULTI BPB post.

    • That and the snapins are the ones they give out free anyway. If you’d like to just have a free single band version of the deal you can check out Snap Heap. I’m okay with spending 30 on it. KiloHearts has gotten a lot of praise I think most of the snapins are fairly basic good vsts I don’t think it’s why the companies products have gotten praise, its gotten praise for the modulation it can do when you have them together adding 5 bands not only increases possibility and functions, its probably more efficient on your system then trying to accomplish the same task with multiple Snap Heaps running.

      Either way unless you can find it in a sale 30$ is the best price I’ve seen for it. Other wise it’s 120$ or you have to spend 500$ and the best deal I’ve seen on that bundle is 40% off and even then you’re still spending 300$ for it. The cheaper bundles doesn’t come with the Multipass snapin host, but Professional comes with Phase Plant and all the snapins Ultimate has. So you’re only really missing out on 5 vsts(2 EQ, 2 fx, and 1 synth.) plus Multipass. Their store also has personal upgrade prices based on things you own for Ultimate. And even then Multipass accounts for 40.86$ of the 500$ total. 200$ is the best price for Professional, 230$ for almost the full line of KiloHearts products sounds like big deal from the 500$ price point that’s also already heavily discounted.

      I’d say if you’re just looking for basic vst’s there’s plenty of other paid and free ones that can do what individual snapins can do just fine, hell theres a chance they might already be built in to your DAW. but if you want to modulate the fx that’s another chore you’d have to figure out. I don’t really like their pricing scheme, but if you’re like me and it interests you it’s nice to slowly buy in even at a better price point. And I’ve def seen worse. Besides KiloHearts does do free giveaways of their paid snapins/plugins occasionally. So far they’ve given me 130$ retail, worth of products and I’ve never paid into KiloHearts yet and that doesn’t count their always free products.

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