EQ Playground Is A FREE Ear Training Program By SoundGym


SoundGym launched EQ Playground, a free online ear training app for developing your critical listening and EQ skills. The company is also offering an exclusive 30% OFF deal on the Pro subscription for all BPB readers.

EQ Playground is part of the SoundGym ear-training platform. SoundGym offers 2 membership levels, Basic (free) and Pro ($24.95/month, $119/year, or $316/lifetime). All BPB readers can get a 30% OFF discount on all plans by visiting this link.

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The freely available EQ Playground platform comes with SoundGym’s Basic membership. However, you’ll get access to 20 additional ear-training games, premium sounds, and other premium content if you decide to go Pro.

EQ Playground has 3 main areas, EQ Trainer, EQ Games, and EQ Ace.

EQ Trainer is where you try to recreate a source sound using a parametric EQ. Before starting, you can choose from 5 difficulty levels, from effortless to insane. You can also select different filter combinations to choose from various source sounds with more unlocking as you progress.

EQ Games features 7 games that provide more in-depth training. The first game is EQ Mirror, where you listen to some audio through an EQ, you’re given the applicable EQ bands, and asked then recreate the sound by setting the correct EQ parameters. As you progress through the levels, the challenges become more complex, with filters affecting more bands (1 – 5).

The other games, like Peak Master and Bass Detective, focus on more specific EQ problems and techniques.

The last section, EQ Ace, is a weekly contest where you can test your skills against your fellow SoundGym users. Entry to the contest will cost you 12 Soundcoins, and there are a few ways to earn them. If you are a Pro user, you get 30 Soundcoins per workout (practice session). Basic users can earn them by following/interacting with SoundGym on social media, following other members, and inviting your friends to join the platform.

A closer look at the EQ Playground dashboard.

A closer look at the EQ Playground dashboard.

Winning the weekly contest not only gives you bragging rights when you see your name atop the leaderboard, but it also earns you a 20% share of all Soundcoins used for contest entry. The rest are distributed among the top 20 entrants, and the higher your place, the more you get.

Soundcoins aren’t just for contest entry; they are used to buy/unlock new sounds/genres to use in your EQ Training. It’s a kind of gamified learning that gives you more incentive and motivation to do well.

Sometimes the hardest part of doing stuff like this is making time for it. I can see how SoundGym could make it easier to stick to a short daily routine or ear-training.

To access the advanced EQ training zone and additional games, sign up for a SoundGym Pro membership (get 30% OFF using the link below).

More info: EQ Playground / 30% OFF SoundGym Pro

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  1. this was a lot of fun! I have tested it just now and my results were pretty high up average! DEFINITELY TRY IT FOR ALL THE BPB READERS OUT THERE!

    THANK YOU James Nugent!

    • You’re welcome Arthur! I agree, everyone should have a go. We are never done progressing, every day is a school day! I’m sure that phrase sounds better in my head, anyway, enjoy! (sorry for the slow reply)

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