Gang Vocals Is A FREE Vocal Sample Pack By Joey Sturgis Tones


Joey Sturgis Tones offers the Gang Vocals community-built vocal sample pack as a free download.

The pack contains a collection of 24-bit/44.1 kHz WAV files that you can chop, edit, or drop straight into your project in any way you like.

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The samples are just what the name suggests; they are vocal chants performed by a gang of people. Not just any people, members of the JST community, so they really are the JST gang, which is pretty cool.

I have to confess when I get a new MPC expansion pack and hear the obligatory “Oh Yeah” or “Let’s Go” hip-hop chants, I sometimes still wonder why I’d use them or who is using these?

However, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge with this collection. There will, no doubt, be vocals that sound incredibly cheesy to you, or even like they belong in a scene from Saved By The Bell (if you are old enough to remember it).

Like many, I came into music approaching everything based on what I liked to play/hear most. If it didn’t sound like what I wanted to hear, I probably didn’t listen, which isn’t that unusual early on.

But, shutting yourself off from any style isn’t the way to improve, and thankfully, we tend to snap out of it as we get more serious about music.

Long story short, I try to approach everything looking for ways to use it rather than reasons not to (within reason). It’s especially important to have that approach if you work for clients.

The thing I really like about this collection is that it breaks the vocals up into useable groups. For a start, you get dry and processed vocals, along with mono, wider, and widest gangs. Once you get into a group, you can select high, low, or midrange vocals or a blend.

Already, that’s more versatile than packs like this usually are. The best bit for me is that you get files for individual vocals to layer them however you like.

Like most sample packs, you don’t need it till you need it, but I like how JST has put it together, and it’s FREE; no complaints.

Download: Gang Vocals (310 MB download size, ZIP archive)

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