Tom Wolve Launches FREE Synth Vault With Monthly Presets


Tom Wolfe’s Synth Vault offers monthly presets and tutorials, and it’s all FREE.

Tom Wolfe is an independent film composer and sound designer offering synthesized solutions for film. After listening to many of his presets, you get that cinematic quality throughout, whether epic or subtle/ambient.

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When I hear about any free signup, I often assume it’s leading you into a paid subscription or doesn’t have too much to offer, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

In this case, the website makes it very clear that there will be no hidden costs, and free means free; great!

Each month, you’ll receive twenty presets for four popular synths. The synths are Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Arturia Pigments, a different U-HE synth each time, and a monthly wildcard (any synth, any developer).

Perhaps surprisingly, the synth I’ve used least here is Omnisphere. I was glad to see Pigments on the list, as I feel like I should use it much more than I have so far.

I’m a massive fan of Repro and pretty much anything from U-HE. So I’m definitely glad to see them included, too.

I guess the wildcard pick just keeps it interesting. You’ll get five monthly presets for each synth, covering various styles and genres.

Tom also breaks down two of the presets per month and provides a video tutorial detailing how to create them from scratch.

For me, this is the most valuable thing, especially if you are new to sound design. It gives you knowledge that you can then apply to construct other presets of your own.

Whatever your experience in sound design, we are never done learning, and it’s always good to pick up tips and tricks from others.

Anyone interested in sound design and composition should have a look; I’m sure you’ll take something positive from it.

Tom also has a store offering paid presets for synths and popular effects plugins, so it’s cool he still dedicates time to the free stuff.

More info: Synth Vault

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  1. Hitesh Bandhu


    Orchestral tools also have a free subscription for instruments called sinefactory which works in their own free sine player. Very high quality

    • I have read somewhere that sounds for Vital will be included in the wildcard presets – so keep an eye out for that!

  2. I generate a number of presets in a month on surge and i could do vital too.. who would want this and in what genres?

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