Xfer Records Updates FREE Dimension Expander With A New GUI


Xfer Records release a free update to their Dimension Expander spatial expanding plugin.

As someone who lives in an 18m² apartment, I’m very attuned to the expansion of space.

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And when you’re looking to do that in the audio world, Xfer Records’ Dimension Expander is one of the go-to places.

Dimension Expander is directly based on Massive’s effect of the same name. The story goes that someone from Xfer found the source code in a Reaktor module and recreated the effect, putting it for free on their store.

So that’s cool – Dimension Expander isn’t a typical stereo widener but instead emulates the classic late 80s effect – think The Cure – in particular, think the Boss Dimension C.

So, what’s new in this stereo expander plugin? Well, mostly just the interface. But it’s a cool interface!

Dimension Expander features its own name horizontally at the top of the plugin, in case you forget what you’re using – below that is the HUGE “Size” knob that – and you’ll have to trust me on this – controls the size.

On the left and right are the “Power” and “Mix” knobs, respectively – that’s it.

That’s pretty much what the original plugin offered, but it also had the additional benefit of featuring a rooster on its interface, so that’s a noticeable downgrade.

Aside from that, it’s the classic plugin you know and love – I joke about its simplicity, but it might be one of its biggest strengths.

Xfer Records have created some of the most useful stuff in music production – OTT, LFO Tool, Cthulhu, and what might be the most popular and widely-used modern synth – Serum.

So despite its minimalistic look, you’re in good hands.

Alright, but how does it sound?

Dimension Expander creates four chorus parts with extended delay times and then slightly phases two of them, so they’re out of sync.

It’s a delightfully full and robust sound that you’ve no doubt heard before, even you didn’t know what it was.

It’s great on snares, synths, guitar parts, whatever – there’s a reason this sound has stuck around.

Just make sure you bring back the rooster next time, Xfer.

More info: Xfer Records Dimension Expander (free VST/AU plugin for Windows and macOS)

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  1. Really nice to see all those old favorites gets a reboot lately: this one, the TAL’s freebies, Variety Of Sounds, maybe even Shortcircuit! Good days :)

  2. Christian H


    The new version 1.23 file size (Windows x64) is much larger but surprisingly it runs slightly lighter than the old version. For those who prefer, the DLL file can be extracted from the install file and copied to the VST folder.

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