Variety Of Sound 64-Bit Plugins Public Beta Is Now LIVE!


Variety Of Sound officially launched the public beta test for the 64-bit versions of their plugins. The beta software is available in 32-bit and 64-bit VST2 and VST3 plugin format for Windows.

At the moment, six plugins are included in the 64-bit beta: NastyVCS, Density mkIII, NastyDLA mkII, epicVerb, BaxterEQ, and preFIX.

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I’m slightly disappointed to see that FerricTDS isn’t yet available in 64-bit, but here’s hoping that it will be included in the beta test sooner than later. Either way, it is fantastic to use Variety Of Sound plugins in a 64-bit digital audio workstation natively.

And I can’t deny that I missed having NastyDLA mkII, epicVerb, Density mkIII, and NastyVCS in my music production software collection.

As is always the case with beta version software, the developer suggests precaution while testing these plugins.

Don’t use these test builds in important projects and keep the volume low. It’s possible that the plugins might crash, cause a volume spike, or that they won’t be fully compatible with future updated versions.

Here’s a quote from the Variety Of Sound website:

“Please be careful using them since they are beta. Eventually, they might crash, generate loud noises, and things like that. Also, do not use them in real productions since parameters and settings might change until release and break compatibility.”

It looks like the current beta test will be open to the public until mid-July. It’s not yet clear if more plugins will be added to the test after that or if the stable versions of the software will be released. It’s more likely that the current beta plugins will be updated and provided for further testing.

If you discover any bugs or issues while testing the plugins, comment on the post linked below. Variety Of Sounds suggest mentioning your DAW and describing the issue or bug in as much detail as possible.

And if you’re unfamiliar with Variety Of Sound, check out our previous post for a little bit of background. In short: these are some of the best free VST plugins on the market.

Variety Of Sound’s new 64-bit plugins are hosted at Google Drive, and you can download them completely free of charge.

More info: Variety Of Sound

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  1. This is good.. I have no problem using 32bit plugins bridged in FL Studio, slightly higher cpu load. But it is good to see VOS back, hopefully we will see some new tools from Herbert.

  2. Kim Christopher Neves


    I think if FerricTDS had been included, I wouldn’t need more… But I think he’s been working on this one. Which after all is its most famous plugin without a doubt.

  3. Welcome back VoS! How I missed you…

    Loved using NastyDLA back in the day. In fact I loved using them all.

  4. I’d be fine if they had no GUI like Airwindows. The sound is the most important part and DAWs have their own metering. Don’t like fiddling with knobs anymore.

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