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Plugin Boutique is giving away MDynamicEQ (€69 value) from MeldaProduction FREE with any purchase this month.

The freebie is available till the end of August (2021) and is subject to the usual qualifying purchase terms. You can’t use a free product to trigger the giveaway, but you can pay in part (up to 99%) with virtual cash or a coupon. Basically, as long as you pay something with real money, you’re good to go.

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MDynamicEQ is innovative and packed with more features than I can cover here. It’s not surprising as MeldaProductions are known for pushing boundaries.

MDynamicEQ provides five bands with dynamic variable-slope filters. When it comes to dynamic processors, people often reach for a multiband compressor first (a nice and simple 2-band compressor to check out is the BB-CMP from Babelson).

The right choice depends on your specific use case, but there are scenarios when a dynamic EQ will serve you better.

While a dynamic EQ allows you to adjust each band independently, it doesn’t actually split the input signal as a multiband compressor does. That means you can avoid some phase/frequency distortion issues that sometimes arise with a multiband compressor.

To make a node dynamic, you click and drag up or down to either boost or carve out the set frequency.

A common consensus is that a dynamic EQ is often more versatile, transparent, and better suited to surgical use.

One of the many things that allow you to be surgical with MDynamicEQ is the outstanding array of visualization tools, including an integrated Analyzer, Sonogram, and Spectrum Areas. You can even display and freeze peak frequencies as they occur or narrow in on exact notes for pinpoint precision.

If you have anything, whether it’s a vocal or instrument track, that you think compression might be too heavy-handed for, MDynamicEQ can easily remove problem areas.

Another great feature of MDynamicEQ is the effectiveness of side-chaining. If you need keys to get out the way of vocals or bass to get out the way of drums, this plugin does it with finesse. You can hear immediate results without any unnatural dropout.

The complete feature set includes Automatic Gain Compensation, four Multi-Parameters, Smart Randomization, Adjustable Oscillator Shape Technology, and more; it’s pretty huge.

The innovative GUI is resizable and stylable, meaning you can choose from preset skins or choose your own color scheme. If I had to find a minor complaint, it would be that I find many of the default color schemes uneasy on the eyes during use. But it’s easily changed, so I find it to be some strange choices rather than a legit complaint.

MDynamicEQ is a powerhouse; there’s no doubt about it; it just deserves a deeper dive than we can provide here, so have a look for yourself.

Available in 32-bit/64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

More info: MDynamicEQ (FREE @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Thanks James, awesome news.
    I hope all is good ☘️

    Ableton Live 10 Lite update.
    Just to let you know, i was lucky enough to get Live 10 Lite last year for free from BPB / Splice (Oct 9th 2020). Thank you so much.

    I had a problem yesterday with a white GUI in Live 10, so i decided to just delete the app & clear all user library files related to the original installation, then download & reinstall Live 10 again.

    When i went into to my Ableton account / licences & i noticed that i am now able to download & install Live 11 Lite using my existing licence.

    I can use Live 11 to open my existing projects (for Live 10), but needed to ‘save as’ a new name because of updated settings in Live 11.

    Happy days, hope this helps & thanks again BPB 😊

    • Hey Purefire,

      I hope you’re well, and thanks for the comment.

      I have limited experience with Ableton, and I’ve never had it on any of my own systems, despite countless people telling me that I should.

      I still have unclaimed licenses that I got with some MIDI controllers, so I may get to it yet!


      • Hey James, all good thanks 😉
        I forget how to use Logic after a few days of using Live lol
        One new thing that Live 11 has is a dope feature where the master tempo can be controlled from eg ‘a snare drum’, so your samples follow the live drummer. I’m not sure how it works yet & i’m not sure if the lite version has it, but thats a game changer hey, i’m still learning it tho.
        Thanks for everything, keep well ☘️

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  3. Hitesh Bandhu


    Cymatics Origin released. FREE VINTAGE PLUGIN

    Also slate digital aurora is released.

    Orchestral tools Strand Acoustic Guitars and Nylon guitar for Sine Player Free.

  4. Tomorrow at 2pm uk time everyone that joins Ed Thorne’s live stream at YouTube will get H-Comp by Waves for free.

  5. Michal Ochedowski


    If anyone is interested in some good compressors or a channel strip, head over to SmackLabs.
    h ttps:// All three VSTs are now available in 64 bit versions.

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