Techivation Releases T-De-Esser Pro De-Esser Plugin (15% OFF)


Techivation released T-De-Esser Pro, an upgraded version of the freeware T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus effects in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

Techivation offers an exclusive 15% OFF discount to the twenty fastest BPB readers who use the coupon code TDEESSERPRO15 at checkout. The coupon code will automatically expire after it’s been used twenty times.

The free T-De-Esser plugin became popular due to its natural de-essing character.

The developer’s goal was to create a de-esser plugin that would smooth out the audio without causing artifacts and they did it well with T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus, both of which are still available for free on their website.

The extra features in the new T-De-Esser Pro make it a more powerful and versatile de-esser than the free ones. It introduces features like saturation, filtering, and more.

The saturation warms up the processed audio by adding harmonics. You can now saturate the vocals while de-essing, making it easier to get that “perfect” vocal sound.

The hi-cut filter cuts off the high frequencies smoothly, removing any harshness and unwanted noise that still remains present after de-essing.

The oversampling feature removes the aliasing, while the “Lookahead” button makes the attack control smoother and the de-essed vocal more natural.

The “custom frequency range” feature lets you pinpoint the exact frequency range where harshness and sibilances are coming from. In other words, you can select a custom frequency range for the de-esser to tackle. The free T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus plugins only offer four preset frequency ranges to choose from.

T-De-Esser Pro also comes with a “Mix” feature that allows you to do parallel processing while de-essing. Parallel processing isn’t commonly found in de-esser plugins and it’s another useful future for smoothing out the sound in a subtle way.

Finally, we have the “Link” and “Mode” sections that let you process a stereo track’s center and side signals individually or balance the depth of processing between the left and right or mid and side channels.

T-De-Esser Pro costs $90 and comes with a lifetime license that lets the plugin work on two computers at the same time.

If you were already impressed with Techivation’s freeware T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Plus plugins, the new upgraded version T-De-Esser Pro is worth considering. Techivation offers a 14-day free trial and you can get started by signing up for an account on their website.

There’s also an exclusive 15% OFF discount code for BPB readers, but the discount code can only be used 20 times!

More info: T-De-Esser Pro (get 15% OFF with coupon code TDEESSERPRO15)

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