Native Instruments Launches Cyber Season 2021 (50% OFF)


Native Instruments are ushering in the festive mood with their insane Cyber Season sale for 2021. You can get 50% OFF on instruments, expansion packs, and effects. There are also some great discounts on the KOMPLETE 13 upgrades.

There are over 250+ products on sale that you can browse through, so if you’ve been waiting to get some plugins, now’s the chance. While we can’t cover all of them, some of our top picks for this year are listed below.

Massive X

Massive X is Native Instruments’ flagship synthesizer and is built upon the iconic and influential Massive. Apart from the base plugin, several expansions are available, such as Haze, Quest, Our House, Moebius, and more.

These are all available for 50% OFF, as well as all the instruments and expansions below.

Massive is a must-have for any beginner music producer. It has some of the most versatile presets we’ve seen, and it’s an absolute powerhouse year after year.

Action Strings 2

Action Strings 2 has over 31 GB of string orchestras which are ideal for realism and blending together. It has a lot of dynamic phrases that save you time and effort during your production.

Action Strings 2 is ideal if you want refined strings at the touch of a key, even if you don’t have years of composing experience. The preset articulations make it easy to print the sounds in your head onto the track.

Battery 4

Battery 4 is currently one of the best drum-sampling plugins you can get your hands on. It is ideal for Electronic and Urban styles. Programming drums can be a complex and time-consuming process, but Battery 4 reduces the load a lot by speeding you up with its intuitive workflow.

Session Guitarist Series

Session Guitarist and its expansions have been a staple in the community for some time now. The best thing is how they release new updates every year and make them even better.

Our favorite expansions are Picked Nylon and Electric Sunburst Deluxe. The realism and ease of use make every Session Guitarist expansion a joy to play around with even when you’re not composing (even for a guitarist like me!).

Light Trilogy Bundle

The Light Trilogy includes Starlight, Pharlight, and Ashlight. These three together have 9.5 GB of somber and evocative tones. This is one of the best additions for this year. We highly recommend it if you’re looking to add emotion to your score.

Guitar Rig 6 Pro

Guitar Rig 6 Pro is still one of the must-have software tools for guitarists (and beyond).

Guitar Rig 5 was a staple among computer amp sims when released, but the new version takes everything a big step further. It breathes new life into an old beast, and at its discounted price of $99.50, it’s absolutely worth it.

NI’s new Intelligent Circuit Modeling is spot-on and adds the kind of realism that makes it indistinguishable from a real tube amp within the mix. Plus, combine it with some unique NI effects, and you get new experimental tones.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Native Instruments’ cool Cyber Season 2021 launch video:

Note that NI’s newest releases – SEQUIS, Play Series’ STACKS, and the BURNT HUES expansion are not part of this sale.

The sale only lasts till December 6, 2021, so hurry up!

More info: Native Instruments Cyber Season 2021 (50% OFF until December 6th, 2021)

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