BABY Audio I Heart NY Is FREE For BPB Readers! (OFFER EXPIRED)


Our friends at BABY Audio offer the I Heart NY ($29 retail price) parallel compressor effect as an exclusive FREE download for BPB readers. Sign up today to get your free I Heart NY license on Black Friday (November 26th, 2021).

UPDATE: The offer expired. The licenses were dispatched at 17:20 (CET) today. If you signed up for a free license, please check your inbox.

You can sign up today to reserve your free I Heart NY license. We will dispatch the licenses on Black Friday. Read more about the plugin below and scroll all the way down to sign up for the freebie.

I Heart NY – Overview

I Heart NY is an easy-to-use parallel compressor plugin by BABY Audio. It was designed to instantly make any track (or even the entire mix) sound fatter.

Typically, you’d have to manually set up a parallel compression chain in your DAW. I Heart NY speeds up this process by doing everything automatically. Just load it on a channel or a bus, and voila! The parallel compressor is already set up, and it’s doing magical things to your audio.

I Heart NY by BABY Audio.

I Heart NY by BABY Audio.

There are many different ways to utilize parallel compression, but it’s most commonly used on the drum and master buses. The vocals are another area where parallel compression works like a charm.

The main idea behind “NY compression” is to overcompress the signal and mix it in with the uncompressed signal to get the best of both worlds.

I Heart NY makes this process as straightforward as possible. The Spank knob controls the amount of compression applied to the signal, the Parallel Signal slider adjusts the dry/wet balance, and the Output knob controls the master volume.

While things look simple on the outside, BABY Audio put a lot of work into the compression algorithm. Here’s more info from their website:

“The signal flow has been designed to add its own unique flavor to your tracks, bringing together qualities from both analog and digital compressors. Whether you want to recreate the thunderous drum sound of 1990s rock bangers – an ‘NYC Compression’ favorite! – or bring your pop vocals all the way to the front, the ‘Spank’ knob has got you covered.”

I Heart NY is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

On a related note, BABY Audio recently launched the Black Friday sale. Get up to 44% OFF their best-selling plugins, including Smooth Operator and Spaced Out. The sale ends on December 5th.

I Heart NY – FREE Download

To reserve your free I Heart NY license, click the teal “SIGN UP” button below and complete the checkout process. You can sign up until Black Friday morning.

We will deliver your FREE license key on November 26th, 2021. The provided license key will let you register I Heart NY to your BABY Audio user account.

Please carefully read the terms and instructions below.


  • Please double-check (and triple-check) your email address when signing up. I always receive at least a dozen emails from readers who didn’t get their license, and it turns out there was a typo when they signed up (,, and are some common culprits).
  • You should receive a confirmation email (containing your order ID) after signing up. If this email doesn’t arrive, it means that something went wrong. Please try again.
  • By signing up, you are automatically subscribing to BABY Audio’s mailing list. You can opt-out later.
  • Subscribing to BPB’s weekly newsletter is entirely optional (you will be asked whether or not you want to subscribe).
  • Please safelist [email protected] in your email account. I use Sendowl to deliver the licenses, and this will prevent the email from bouncing or being detected as spam.
  • I will send your free I Heart NY license key on November 26th, 2021.

Thank you all for reading BPB! ❤️

More info: I Heart NY (FREE @ Bedroom Producers Blog until November 26th)

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  1. Hey Tomislav, thank you so much sir & thank you all at BPB & BABY Audio, this is an awesome product & a very kind gift, i’m very grateful & appreciative, thanks 😊☘️❤️

      • FKFX has released a new NOISE BLEACH plugin. As they say themselves: Noise Bleach, a new & unique tool to clean your tracks. At the moment, the plugin is distributed through their page on Patreon. You can get it for $ 3, $ 7 or $ 12 – as much as you don’t mind. Perhaps in the future the plugin will be free.

      • ❤️☘️ Much love & appreciation Tomislav & BPB, thanks again. I got my license ok & everything is good. I used “I ❤️ NY” in my latest project last night & it sounds just awesome & its very easy to use too, i will enjoy using this in future as well 😊
        Thanks very much BABY Audio, awesome work ❤️☘️

  2. Already have this one ( maybe I can get a 2nd license haha :-) ) but thank you so much for everything you are doing for the community.

  3. Buenos dias nunca me llego la licencia y si recibi el mail donde me decia que ya estaba inscripto y debia esperar al 26 mi mail gracias

  4. If you who missed this then look issue 303 of Computer Music magazine for same plugin. The digital version of magazine is cheaper and has over 90 plugin.

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