SP 909 From Mars Sample Pack Is FREE This Month ($29 Value)


Samples From Mars offers the SP 909 From Mars ($29 retail price) sample pack as a FREE download until September 30th, 2021.

SP 909 From Mars pairs two legendary instruments: the Roland TR-909 drum machine and the E-mu SP-1200 sampler. Sounds like a match made in drum heaven!

The pack usually costs $29 on the Samples From Mars website, but they’re offering it as a freebie this month in celebration of the 909 Day. Woohoo!

Taking a closer look at the contents, SP 909 From Mars comes with 304 one-shot samples provided in 24-bit WAV format. The original 909 drum samples were resampled from an SP-1200 using an API 1608 console and the Apogee Symphony audio interface.

Check out the full story on the official product page. Samples From Mars share the full “behind the scenes” of their sampling process and it’s a very informative read. It goes to show how much effort goes into crafting a deeply sampled drum collection like this one.

Here’s a quote from the SP 909 From Mars product page:

“The SP1200 is the best sounding drum sampler I have ever heard – Its crunchy conversion, low bit rate, harmonic overdrive, and aliased pitching can provide cutting, midrange grit, hardening your samples so they punch through a mix. This drive can then be smoothed out to varying degrees by beautiful sounding, analog SSM filters.”

Read the full story and check out the audio demos on the page linked below.

You get multiple versions of each drum channel (kick, snare, clap, hats, etc.) and sixteen different pitches for each drum. The idea here is to capture the gritty character of repitched drums that made the SP-1200 so popular.

Another handy addition are the included MIDI grooves that you can use to add some swing to the sequenced drums in your DAW of choice.

The pack consists of WAV files but you’re also getting kits and presets for all major samples and digital audio workstations. SP 909 From Mars is fully compatible with Ableton Live, Native Instruments Kontakt, MPC1000, and more.

For more free 909 sounds, check out our BPB Cassette 909 sample pack and the BPB Cassette Drums plugin.

Download: SP 909 From Mars (FREE until September 30th, 2021)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. 1) Free master and bx meter plugin with code: MASTERING-STUDIO-FREE-MASTER
    h ttps://www.mastering.studio/

    2) FREE Waves Plugin: Renaissance Bass
    h ttps://www.groove3.com/perks
    (I am not entirely sure if the waves one is 100% free or it needs to buy something first but check it out).

    (Delete the spaces)

    • Thanks Tomislav, BPB & Aris, great news.

      This New Plugin-Alliance – Brainworx ‘BX Style Creator’ mastering app is free to try (only on Mac)
      It uses the same engine as the mastering studio website linked by Aris & you can master as much as you have time & disk space for within the trial period, or from a flash drive or sd card, whatever is good for you.

      h ttps://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/style_creator.html

      Delete the space between the ‘h & the t’
      Aris 👍

      Once you download & install this, the mastering processing is done on your computer, offline. It doesn’t use very much processing power on your hardware either. It only accepts genuine wav files (wav export / bounce).

      Import & process your wav first, then bounce / export it from the app. You can listen to the results of the mastering process afterwards. There are 8 different presets included to choose from & you can tweak the controls & save your own preset too, keep processing your wav’s until your happy with your result.

      To get the best results from this, i would recommend bouncing / exporting a flat (no limiting or mastering of your own) wav file at a low level of around -8 to give you plenty of mastering headroom.

      The app is ok, it does the job real quick too.
      Maybe at first, you should only try to master a few songs until you find a good result for each of your songs, this way, you could try each mastering preset & compare all of the different versions at once without getting overwhelmed by 8 x 10 = 80 (if you processed 10 songs at once & used every preset).

      This is not going to replace really skilful & talented mastering engineers, but it may help in the understanding of mastering in some way, maybe give a target to aim for.
      I personally would like to listen to the mastering result first & then bounce afterwards, but hey 😉

      Just my opinion, but my favourite preset’s are
      1.LA Standard (my favourite)
      7.Remaster Clean (second)
      8.Remaster Vibe (third, a very mild processing)

      • I forgot to say, that each song you master using BX Style Creator is analysed & mastered differently even while using the same preset / style.
        Plugin-Alliance – Dirk Ulrich: ‘No two tracks in every session will have the exact same settings’.

        I mastered 10 of my own songs using the app & the results afterwards are pretty close to each other in terms of dynamics, ideal for an album for instance, even though my mixes have different dynamics to begin with, (I’m not an expert mix engineer).
        Also, for such a small app at 37.1mb, I’m not exactly sure how this has such powerful processing power, with only a few user library documents after installation 😊

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Hey Purefire, thanks for the in-depth review! Seems like a useful mastering service. We’ll cover it in an article later today.

        • Hey Tomislav, your most welcome, its just my opinion, have fun trying it yourself 😊
          Thanks for everything you do for us all too, respect sir, its very much appreciated 💛

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks, Aris! We’re working on an article about the Mastering Studio offer. The Renaissance Bass offer is cool, but it requires a paid order from Groove3. I’ll look into it, though!

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