Audio Damage Offers 35 FREE Legacy Audio Plugins


Audio Damage offers 35 legacy VST plugins as free downloads from their website.

The collection includes all previously freeware and discontinued audio plugins developed by Audio Damage. You’ll find free compressors, reverbs, distortions, modulation effects, drum synths, a subtractive synthesizer, and more.

I still use some of these as go-to mixing and sound design tools. RoughRider3 is one of my favorite compressors, and FuzzPluss 3 is a fantastic distortion.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the included freebies.

FuzzPlus 3

FuzzPlus 3 by Audio Damage

FuzzPlus 3 is a versatile distortion effect. It features an analog-style distortion algorithm and a filter module based on the one found in the Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer.

It’s one of the best filter/distortion combos on the market. The distortion algorithm is superb, and the filter screams just like the MS-20 filter.

If you’re looking for something relatively similar, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter plugin.


ADverb by Audio Damage

ADverb is a vintage-style plate reverb effect. It’s easy to use but offers plenty of control over the reverb algorithm.

“ADverb is a model of a vintage digital plate reverberator. It faithfully recreates the thick sonic character and easy-to-use interface of those early units, while providing the low noise floor and big headroom inherent in modern software-based reverb.”

You can fine-tune the reverb length and size, pre-delay, diffusion, and tone. It also features a mix slider and an input level control.


Tattoo by Audio Damage

Tattoo is an old-school drum machine by Audio Damage. It features all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a virtual analog synth.

“Audio Damage’s first instrument, Tattoo, is a drum synthesizer where everything old is new again. Featuring 12 independent “voice-tuned” synthesizer topologies loosely based on the X0X series, and a sophisticated step/mod sequencer, Tattoo is at home in all forms of electronic music production.”

There are twelve drum channels (kick, snare, toms, hats, etc.), each featuring a set of controls to fully customize the sound. Tattoo’s most remarkable feature, though, is the built-in sequencer. It lets you build drum loops from scratch while applying randomization and modulation to come up with unexpected results.


The plugins are available for free download from the Audio Damage website. You don’t need to sign up. Simply visit the download page linked below to get the plugins for free.

Most plugins are available in 32-bit and 64-bit VST2 and AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS (although some come in different formats).

Download: Audio Damage


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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. That is generous from them. Most companies just replace old with new versions by update (mostly paid) or by just deleting old ones.
    Great gift from Audio Damage :)
    Thanks for sharing Tomislav :D

    • Ahh two of the bunch I counted most (dubstation and r.r. pro) don’t include reg keys inside package :/
      But still great pack :)

        • James R Beavers


          That Roughridere compressor was The first VST, I got when I first got into DAWS, and it floored me that there were good free plugins. I didn’t know that when I was new to this. and that Rough Rider compressor is right up there with any paid ones.

  2. Michal Ochedowski


    This developer doesn’t respond to genuine bug reports about current plugins. For me it’s a hard pass on this one. Generous, yes, but not reliable.

    • I can only hope they read them but can’t find the time to respond to everyone, and will fix your troubles one day. But since those are unsupported anyway… :/

    • Audio Damage is a bit quirky, but many of these legacy plugins now set free have been superseded by newer version that still is payware. What is included here is for example Replicant V1 and Phosphor V1. To get the latest version Replicant V2 and Phosphor V3 one still has to buy them.

      • Ah, I reckon my answer was a bit ambiguous. By “those”, I meant the ones released as freewares now, so his remark was a bit off-topic for “those”.
        Hopefully they’ll fix Michael’s (and/or others) problems with the current versions.

        • It would be nice, but I doubt very much that will happen. The reason these plugins have been set free now and made legacy is that Audio Damage will not touch them again. If a user wants updates, will have to buy and upgrade into the plugs that are currently available.

        • James R Beavers


          That Roughridere compressor was The first VST, I got when I first got into DAWS, and it floored me that there were good free plugins. I didn’t know that when I was new to this. and that Rough Rider compressor is right up there with any paid ones.

  3. Lou Reed said there is no christmas in February, but he was wrong! I bought a couple of these plugs in the past, but this is SO great, all of them now free and available again :-)

  4. Sure, it’s hard to invest yourself in tools you know won’t be supported or updated. I get that. But if you’re like me and still use 32bit oldies made in SynthEdit or SynthMaker/FlowStone from 10, 15 or even 20 years ago, some of those are very nice 64bit replacements or alternatives. And some are truly unique.
    Basic is just a Minimoog? Well, first, why not, also no. It’s got two filters and a LFO. Far from ‘basic’.
    Phosphor is a perfect oddity, instant 90s electronica/ambient. Think early Autechre or Boards of Canada. Axon is FM percussion madness o_O;. Tattoo is a basic analog-type drum machine, but fully featured.
    And so many effects to play with. Thank you AD for this. The phrase “oldie but goldie” fits so perfectly.

    • Automaton is one of the plugs I bought back in the day. I ended up being a bit disappointed with it, it didn’t produce enough random enough results for my liking. So I ended up leaving it in the “plugin drawer”. Maybe I should check it out again now.

  5. [aˈtoːm] [aːl] [ˈa(ː)tonaːl]


    this is beyond generous :D
    though i dont need all 35, i took 5 of em, which i still consider a huge present. thx!

      • No worries haha. Some of these old plugins really give me a new appreciation for the improved UI and intuitiveness that modern plugins offer. These older Audio Damage plugins are super useful/powerful – but they deffs arent as easy to quickly learn.

  6. I was growing up on these in the early 2000s. Nice to see them again.
    interview with AD founder:

    • The code is in the RRP_REG_CODE.rtf file. If you don’t have that file in the archive, re-download it, it was included later.

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