Strezov Sampling Felt Seiler FREE Edition For Kontakt Player


Strezov Sampling offers The Felt Seiler Free Edition for Kontakt Player.

We’ve been on a pretty epic run of FREE pianos recently, and I’ll never have too many. We’re also on a decent run of free Kontakt libraries compatible with Kontakt Player, and this time it’s The Felt Seiler Free Edition from Strezov Sampling.

The Felt Seiler Pro is available for €89 (excluding VAT), and you might want to upgrade if you like the freebie, so check it out. But, to save typing Free Edition each time, when I say The Felt Seiler, I’m talking about the freebie.

Like The 88E and Foundations Piano (recent free pianos), The Felt Seiler has an undeniable cinematic character.

The felt piano sound is often used for its cinematic qualities. It can be as soft as you need it to be, and it can be very percussive. The layer of felt between the hammers and strings acting as additional dampening creates a muted tone.

Strezov Sampling has done a great job capturing the percussive nature of a felt piano, which is sometimes too aggressive or too timid in some libraries. So, The Felt Seiler has a pretty broad emotional range.

To add to that emotional range, it offers three more layers besides the piano. The layers are named after the emotions that they most sound like; Warmth, Ache, and Loneliness. Coincidentally, Warmth, Ache, and Loneliness could be a fitting title for the life story of most musicians, although we’re a happy bunch, really.

You can solo, mute, pan, adjust the level and stereo width, and switch off/on for each layer. The straightforward layout makes it easy to create unique sounds with various textures.

Each layer besides the piano has a reverse option, which dramatically enhances the ability to create unique textures.

In the center of the GUI are the Soft and Sustain buttons. The Soft button replicates a soft pedal, moving the hammers closer to the strings for a warmer, gentler tone. The Sustain button is linked to your sustain pedal, or you can press the button on the GUI.

The right of the GUI houses some built-in effects, including Filter, Compression, EQ, Delay, and a Convolution Reverb with a wide range of IRs.

A big thank you goes to Strezov Sampling for making this excellent library available for free!

Download: The Felt Seiler Free Edition (compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin)


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