Lese Releases FREE Sweep Filter Plugin


Lese released Sweep, a freeware filter effect in VST and AU plugin formats for DAW software on Windows and macOS.

Filter fanatics worldwide are celebrating the latest freeware release from Lese Audio. The company is giving away its one-of-a-kind Sweep filter plugin.

Sweep is a unique filtering device designed to work across a broad range of compositional elements and music styles. The plugin is ideal for mixing situations, but it can also come in handy for sound design and live performances.

When opening up the Sweep filter, the first thing one notices is its attractive user interface. The visual layout is easy on the eyes for long periods of use and has a beautiful color scheme. But that’s enough about the visual component, so let’s discuss Sweep’s functionality.

Unlike conventional filters, Sweep is designed to create an effect that sounds like your signal is filtering endlessly. Its algorithms are designed on the same principles that make shepherd tones. Some might refer to this as filter delay or frequency echo. Whatever term you decide for it, it’s pretty awesome.

Users can opt for a single filter mode or choose the more exciting stereo split that creates two independent left and right instances of the filtering effect. Each side comes with its own controls, which opens up the users’ stereo imaging options.

Below is a short breakdown of every major controllable parameter within Sweep’s GUI:

  • Speed – This dial controls the overall tempo of each filter. Higher values will equate to quicker filtering speeds and vice versa. Values can be manually dialed in or synced to a master BPM.;
  • Filters – Deceptively labeled, this control determines the number of notches and peaks you wish to place on your incoming signal, with up to 16 bands for users to utilize;
  • Logarithmic/Linear Mix – This control determines the spacing and dispersion between filters. This dial shifts between filtering modes and shouldn’t be confused for a dry/wet control;
  • Filter Q – Controls the bandwidth of each individual standing filter within the stereo image;
  • Q Bias – This controls the bandwidth of the filters that cascade as they sweep through the stereo image;
  • Mix – Determines how much filtering is applied to the overall signal.

Sweep includes several features that may go over some users’ heads mathematically. Don’t let this intimidate you; Sweep can be a terrific tool for any producer or sound designer looking to create unique effects and textures.

The team at Lese was even nice enough to filter out their asking price, which makes it hard not to give this nifty little plugin a test drive.

Sweep is available in VST3 formats for Windows 10 or higher and in VST3 and AU formats for owners of macOS (Intel/Arm).

Download: Sweep (64-bit VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)


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  2. heads up folks, this will by default install in your 64 bit vst 2 directory, and will need to be moved to your vst3 directory, otherwise your daw won’t be able to find it.

  3. Won’t install on macOS.
    The signature for the file “sweep-osx.pkg” contains an invalid certificate. CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED (-2147409622)

  4. Windows Defender is finding malware when downloading and deleting the Lese Zip file from my computer. I’ve tried a few times and there are 3 trojans in quarentine after downloading.

  5. Chrome flags it as containing a virus even if you click “Keep” when it warns that it’s an uncommonly downloaded file.

  6. It’s strange, coz VIrustotal gives just zero about exe installer.
    “No security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious”

  7. Sorry about the installation issues guys.. 😬 I improved the windows installer so it shouldn’t put files in the wrong place by default, but your antivirus might still throw false positives.

    • Aidanjosiah02


      Is it possible for you to allow users to just download a zip of the vst files (.dll and/or .vst3)?
      Providing this option would make the software a lot more trustworthy than a .exe file.

  8. Thanks,
    the effects are quite subtle so Im very happy.
    No virus or any problem installing on m1pro.
    Installed in a few seconds. Good, quick and efficient plugin.

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