Beat Magazine Offers FREE PreSonus Analog Delay Until June 30th!


Beat Magazine offers the Analog Delay (retail price $19) plugin by PreSonus as a FREE download until June 30th, 2022.

Analog Delay is a creative delay plugin with a vintage sound character. It was free for a limited time in November 2021, and you can now get it for free once again via Beat Magazine’s online portal called Plugs & Samples.

To get your free copy of Analog Delay, register a Plugs & Samples user account (or log in to your existing account) to receive a coupon code. You can use this coupon to claim your free license via PreSonus. However, you’ll need to hurry up because the free download offer expires on June 30th.

Taking a closer look at the interface, Analog Delay offers all the basic delay effect parameters and some additional controls to make it sound more retro.

For example, you can use the Factor and Inertia controls in the Motor section to simulate the mechanical inconsistencies of hardware analog delay. Similarly, the Drive and Filter controls in the Color section will help you emulate the lo-fi sound of vintage delays.

PreSonus also included an LFO section with four modulation shapes, a Width section with stereo width and channel swapping controls, and the Delay section where you’ll find the sync and timing controls. You can adjust the dry/wet mix in the Global section.

Analog Delay is an easy-to-use delay plugin that can deliver just the right amount of retro character to your project. If you want to add some colorful delays and echoes to your mix, definitely give this one a try.

Beat Magazine offers useful tips on getting the most out of Analog Delay on the promo page linked below. Check out their article to learn more about building complex drum grooves and interesting loops with some clever delay modulation.

Looking for more retro effects? Check out our BPB Dirty Spring plugin for some old-school spring reverb action. And if you want more delay effects, take a look at the fantastic Super Massive by Valhalla DSP.

Analog Delay is available in VST (VST3 only), AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Download: PreSonus Analog Delay (FREE until June 30th, 2022)


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    • There is also a handful of free Zampler packs to have for those who haven’t yet signed up at Plugin-Samples. And it is just a month until Beat will publish their 200th issue, I expect some great freebies then as well.

  1. Heavyocity’s Foundations Nylon Guitar is a free instrument for Kontakt Player, you can get it on the manufacturer’s website

  2. anybody else have issues with installing this through the hub on mac?
    got this on the last promotion last year, but could never install it, or properly connect to the hub, etc.
    even contacted support back then lol

  3. VST3, not VST2. I like your freebie news, but please be more specific before I sign up to two sites to download this. TIA.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for pointing this out! We typically include detailed plugin format info but this article slipped through. I updated the article with this information. Will keep this in mind for future posts. Thanks for reading BPB!

  4. Michael Jackson


    You have to download their installer hub to get the VST and its for windows 10 and up. I am on Windows 7 so couldn’t do it. But I will check out the free Zampler packs.

  5. Audified ToneSpot Voice Express is free with the new issue of Beat Mag (no 199), looks to be the full version, and at the price it is sold at, anything less would be a bit disappointing…

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