Spread Light By Yum Audio Is FREE For A Limited Time


Yum Audio offers the Spread Light stereo enhancement plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

We already covered Spread Light in June last year, while it was free for a limited time. If you missed that deal, here’s another chance to add Yum Audio’s excellent stereo enhancement tool to your mixing arsenal.

The plugin lets you widen the processed audio’s stereo image musically without introducing artifacts. Yum Audio also focuses on keeping its code efficient and lightweight, ensuring that users can run multiple instances of their plugins without straining the CPU.

Spread Light lets you alter the stereo width using two different processing modes: mid-side and the Haas effect. The two modes provide different stereo pan and widening behavior, so there’s more versatility on offer compared to other similar plugins.

Another thing Spread Light has going for it is the GUI design. It’s a straightforward tool with an intuitive control set. You can fire it up in your DAW and start using it as a stereo widener in your projects right away since there’s virtually no learning curve.

You can see and hear Spread Light in the official demo video embedded below.

Looking for more proof that Spread Light sounds great? Listen to the interactive audio demos available on the product page. You can listen to four different loops while turning the effect on and off.

Spread Light typically costs €49, but you can get it for FREE during this limited-time deal. To claim your free license, visit the product page linked below and click the “FREE Limited Time” button. Please note that you’ll need to register a Yum Audio user account to complete the process.

If you’re looking for a well-designed, musical, and lightweight tool to enhance the stereo width of your tracks, act fast and get Spread Light for free while it’s still available. And if you’re looking for similar freeware tools, we recommend Ozone Imager V2 by iZotope and Wider by Polyverse Music. Both are excellent stereo enhancers that work great in tandem with Spread Light.

Spread Light is available in 64-bit VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on Windows & macOS.

Download: Spread Light (FREE for a limited time)


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