Kilohearts Release FREE Dual Delay VST Plugin


Kilohearts releases Dual Delay, a freeware delay effect for digital audio workstations on macOS and Windows.

Dual Delay is part of the Kilohearts Essentials series and functions as a regular plugin or a Kilohearts Snapin. Snapin host plugins include Phase Plant, Multipass, and Snap Heap.

Dual Delay provides a pair of stereo delays with crosstalk, which means you can go all kinds of crazy with feedback.

Like most Kilohearts plugins, Dual Delay comes in a pretty small package. The two stereo delays work together when you set the time of the first delay manually or tempo-synced and set the second as a ratio of the first.

Once you set the delay times, you have six controls to tweak: Tone, Feedback, Spread, Duck, Crosstalk, and Mix.

Tone allows you to shape the echo by applying a shelf filter. The Feedback knob lets the sound feedback into the delay and defines the amount.

Spread pans the delay taps left and right, while the Duck knob reduces the output volume when the input volume is high.

The Crosstalk knob is probably where it gets most interesting because it can get a little crazy. Crosstalk defines the amount of feedback from each delay that bleeds into the other. You can create complex rhythmic patterns and echoes that suggest infinite space using the Feedback and Crosstalk knobs.

The only danger with plugins like Dual Delay is going too far, but I guess it depends on your definition of too far. Although, sometimes, going too far sounds great if you’re going for that stepping outside, then pulling it back inside effect.

Of course, you don’t have to go wild with Dual Delay; you can use it to add subtle character to all kinds of sounds, like leads and pads.

The Kilohearts Essentials Series features dozens of plugins, including the recently released Channel Mixer. So, while you’re grabbing Dual Delay, check out the rest of the series; there’s lots of good stuff.

And if you need a free reverb to go with Dual Delay, check out our very own BPB Dirty Spring.

Dual Delay is available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (M1 supported) and Windows.

Download: Kilohearts Dual Delay


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