Waves Berzerk Distortion Plugin Is FREE For 48 Hours Only!


Waves Audio and Dom Sigalas offer the Berzerk distortion plugin as a FREE download for the next 48 hours.

Berzerk is a versatile distortion effect developed by Waves Audio. It features ten original distortion algorithms, mid-side processing, a dynamics section, and a set of presets crafted by Grammy-winning producers like Lu Diaz and Dave Pensado.

Take one quick look at the GUI, and you’ll realize that Berzerk is unlike any distortion plugin you’ve used. Distortion effects typically attempt to emulate analog circuits (overdrive, fuzz, etc.) or use digital distortion (bit crushing or sampling rate reduction).

Berzerk makes things more interesting by providing a broad set of distortion algorithms and unique ways to control them. For example, you’ll use the Temperature knob to adjust the tone and warmth. Click the “Go Berzerk” button, and you’ll randomize the current settings leading to unexpected results.

This leads to two things. One, Berzerk might take some time to get used to because it isn’t instantly obvious which control does what. And two, Berzerk is infinitely more fun to use than most other distortion effects (although we’re pretty sure you’ll find BPB Dirty Filter interesting, too).

And we’re only scratching the surface here. Berzerk also features a dynamic section that lets you gate, expand, or drive the input until you get audible distortion. It also features a feedback section and a built-in EQ. With so many parameters to play with, the plugin is capable of transforming a boring sound into something completely different.

It’s more of a sound design multi-effect than a distortion plugin. If that sounds like your cup of tea, hurry up and get a free copy of Berzerk.

Waves Audio launched this limited-time deal in collaboration with Dom Sigalas, a famous producer and musician with a great YouTube channel.

You can watch Dom’s announcement of the deal below.

Berzerk is free for the next 48 hours only, so be quick.

To get a FREE copy of Berzerk, subscribe to Dom Sigalas’ YouTube channel, visit the giveaway page, and click the “GET BERZERK DISTORTION FREE” button. Please note that you’ll need to sign in to your Waves Audio user account to get the deal.

On a related note, Waves Audio is running a Halloween Sale this weekend. You can get 31 best-selling Waves Audio plugins for $29.99 each.

Get the deal: Waves Berzerk (FREE for 48 hours only!)


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  1. Apparently I’m supposed to download “Waves central”…nah man, I’m not getting into a whole ecosystem over one plugin.

  2. iZotope announced the other day that they are discontinuing Trash 2, but it’s ok. Since trying Berzerk I don’t see myself using other heavy distortion plugins anyway. The feedback option on Berzerk is just that good.

    • @ ASJ Imho, Berzerk isn’t in the same league as Izotope Trash 2, although admittedly the Trash 2 GUI is pretty outdated.

  3. i think i’ve been neglecting this plugin for too long (having gotten it free like 4 times already lol), i should give it a proper shot. waves finally forced my hand..

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