Littl3-P Is A FREE Moog Little Phatty Emulation By Infected Sounds


Infected Sounds launched Littl3-P, a freeware software synthesizer for digital audio workstations on Windows.

Judging by the feature set and the GUI design, Littl3-P is inspired by the Moog Little Phatty analog synthesizer.

Littl3-P features an intuitive interface that borrows the control layout and the colors from its hardware counterpart. Like most subtractive synthesizers, it’s easy to program and offers a wide range of analog-style sounds.

Explore the decent array of built-in presets, or take complete control of your sound by delving into the various modulation choices, effects, and settings, including the ability to layer up to one waveform.

The Littl3-P synth has over 16 waveforms that you can manipulate, two oscillators with morph, and one oscillator mix. It comes with five powerful FX modules that will freshen up your sound, and give it a second life. The unique Unison engine has eight voices per oscillator, and its ladder filter works with both 12dB and 24dB.

The generosity in terms of waveforms doesn’t stop at sixteen. This synth has three LFOs with over twenty waveforms, one filter envelope, one pitch envelope, and an AMP envelope. You can meticulously shape your sound using the AM Mod, and make use of the portamento/legato for any bendy notes.

In terms of effects, Littl3-P has an equalizer, an overdrive, some reverb, an ensemble, a chorus, and a fattener. Couple these effects with the many features you can manipulate, and experiment with different sounds to generate unique outputs.

Try it out and discover the flexibility and creative generosity this new plugin can offer you. Enrich your sound with this freebie before everybody notices it.

If you like this, check out the recently released 303 Deluxe Bassline Synthesizer plugin by Infected Sounds. And you can find many more retro instruments in our free vintage synthesizers article.

The Littl3-P synth works as a VST and VST3 plugin, operates on both 32 and 64-bit windows 7 to 10, and requires Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.

IMPORTANT: You need to complete the purchase and checkout process to get the license file. Place the license file next to the plugin file in your VST folder to activate Littl3-P.

Download: Littl3-P 


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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Mac of BIOnighT


    The page says “Full functionality but will play a white noise for 2
    seconds every minute” – is it so? has anybody tried it?

  2. Just for clarity: In order to get the license, you can’t just download the VST files – first go through the ‘purchase and checkout’ process. Then you have all the components you need for a fully functional instrument.

    • Great Kontakt Player freebie, thanks for the info :-)
      Important to remember is that the serial one receives after completing the purchase must be added in Native Access, to be able to download the Kontakt library

  3. done twice now . after a min or so it goes from registerd back to demo . now you have all my data and i really cant be bothered making music . f off you absolute hacks

  4. dosnt work . license in correct place . says registered then reverts back to demo mode . sounds nice but useless and annoying . hacks

    • What version of the plugin are you using, which DAW are you using ?
      It worked perfectly for me, placing the license file inside the folder, and loading it up in FL Studio 20, on Windows 10. No reversions back to demo mode

  5. Frits van Zanten


    Scary pop up about data. They also ask too many data. No go. Why can’t these sites stop demanding all these data for free plugins?

    • This is NOT a free plug-in. It’s just falsely advertized as such. It’s another time-limited give-away. Their previous giveaway was Sphinx 2, also claimed “free”.

        • The main coder


          Think this guy is wrong littl3-p is free and also b4ss deluxe 2 and b4ss nation2 and also 303 deluxe. And soon sphinx 1 will be free they cant give out their life of work just for free because some people just want free products from them without paying anything so they can survive at all. I heard sphinx 1 will be free and they fixing some stuff. Also for littl3-p like some bugs for vst3 versions. Its why they set sphinx 1 temporary for purschase so people can get more working version.

          • > Its why they set sphinx 1 temporary for purschase so people can get more working version.

            What does this even mean?

      • The main coder


        303 deluxe and littl3-p is still free why do you complain? Also bass nation 2? And so b4ss deluxe 2.

        Dont understand why people complaining. When they dont get all free they start complaining?

        Do you make any vsts your self spening 15 years then give out vsts and then people complaining you dont give out your life of work for free?

        • > why do you complain?

          > Dont understand why people complaining. When they dont get all free they start complaining?

          Ironically, the only one complaining here is you. Why do you complain about the people who “complain”? :)

  6. Another false free product from Infected Sounds? Is it another thing like that Sphinx 2 rompler that was claimed “FREE” but turned out to have been a temporary giveaway?

  7. The main coder


    False free? The guy is disapointed he dont get all products for free? Dead art do you work for free when you work?

    And when im looking on site it says free for.

    B4ss deluxe 2
    B4ss nation 2
    303 dekuxe

    You should ask nexus to give you a free copy of nexus 4 instead?

    And complaining.

    I think people r rude when infected sounds dont give away all their products for free then people complaining.

    But when famous companys sell plug ins they dont complain. Do you want infected sounds to work for free and dont be able to survive? Will you be happier then and not be able to get any free synths at all?

    • Nexus has never been advertized as free software, while Sphinx 2 from Infected Sounds was. The problem is not whether this or that piece of software is free or not. The problem is LIARS. For example in your comment you, as a liar, use a strawman argument as the means of personal attack. Moreover, you are accusing people of being rude, while they are not, though you yourself are.

  8. Infected Sounds


    Sphinx 1 Free.

    Littl3-P Free.

    B4ss Nation 2 Free.

    303 Deluxe Free.

    B4ss Deluxe 2 Free.

    Its not false that they r free. We r working on some updates for the synth.

    The VST3 synths have same ID. So we need to fix this. Its why some people in ableton loads one of the synths then it lads the other one, Same as the protamento is fixed by martin v. and it makes some daw crash. but finaly martin fixed it. So we gona need to update all of our synths. so pls be patient.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for the freebies, but I have to say that I’ve noticed some pricing changes in the past. We would post the news about a freeware plugin for you, then a few days later, it would cost $5. What’s the reason for these pricing changes and are they temporary or permanent?

  9. Infected Sounds


    The ones thats free now are not temporary. They will be free always. We are working on more free synths. We just dident know if we should take some little for em or not. But the ones whos free now will always be free.

    Right now we r working on 2 more free synths thats inspired of subsequent 25 and bass station 2.

    And have in mind making one free synth thats inspired by minilogue. And one inspired by system1.

    But will take some time. The ones whos half completed is subsequent 25.

    • > The ones thats free now are not temporary. They will be free always.

      Oh, really? Than what about this:
      and this:
      In what universe is it free as advertized?

      > We are working on more free synths. We just dident know if we should take some little for em or not.

      I. e. at that time you hadn’t decided whether you wanted to lie or not. Cool excuse :)

      > But the ones whos free now will always be free.

      As we’ve seen above, that’s somewhat not exactly true… :)

      By the way, if your products were really meant to remain free forever, they would either not demand any additional serial number, or include their serial numbers within the free downloads as a readme textfile to copy-paste. Giving serials through the checkout procedure is catch that allows to cancel a free product and put it out as paid.

  10. Infected Sounds


    Only synth whos not free is sphinx 2 but sphinx 1 is. So you can still get sphinx for free.

    Also these ones r free.

    B4ss deluxe 2
    B4ss natuon 2
    303 deluxe

    Sry dead art we cant give out all our products for free what will be the point doing all these vsts then.

    And alot of companies would not give away free products like this.

    But we r working on more free products aswell.

    We have in mind making a synth whos inspired by the subsequent 37 aswell.

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