Get 50% OFF U-He Software Via Native Instruments


Native Instruments sale offers massive discounts on iconic u-he products, including the u-he Collection 2 bundle, until January 11th.

The U-He Offer 2022 sale from Native Instruments offers 50% discounts on individual products and even bigger savings on the u-he Collection 2.

These limited-time offers will be available till January 11th, 2023.

u-he is a developer we’ve talked about quite often and regularly features in our best free synth VST list.

Freebies like Zebralette and Triple Cheese continue to stand the test of time, despite being released many years ago.

u-he, in my opinion, also makes some of the most authentic paid products when you need analog character from a VST.

The u-he Collection 2 comes with four synths and four unique effects. The included synths are Zebra Legacy, The Diva, Hive 2, and Repro.

My own personal favorite (although I’ve not spent as much time with the others) is Repro. I’ve had it for a long time, and it never fails to get me out of a jam when I’m looking for something different.

Zebra Legacy is like a little mini-bundle; it features Zebra2, The Dark Zebra, and additional Zebra Sound Sets. The Dark Zebra should interest any film buffs among us, as it contains over 400 presets created by Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr for The Dark Knight soundtrack.

If anyone feels like sharing their favorite Hans Zimmer score, please do; I always find that stuff interesting.

The included effects are Presswerk, Satin, Twangström, and Colour Copy.

If you don’t fancy going for the bundle, 50% off individual products is a pretty sweet deal.

You can grab my favorite, Repro, for £64.50 or Diva for £79.50.

The cheapest offers are Twangström and Colour Copy, available for £29.50 each.

Twangström is a spring reverb emulation that combines the flavor of vintage gear with modern modulation options.

Colour Copy combines the classic bucket brigade delay of the 70s/80s with forward-thinking, modern features.

I have yet to try any u-he effects, but I’ve never disliked anything from this developer, so I almost expect them to be good by default.

If you haven’t tried any u-he products yet, have a listen to the demos; there are some pretty sweet synths and effects on offer.

Also, don’t forget to grab Arturia’s Filter MS-20 while it’s free.

More info: U-He Offer 2022


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    • Hello, I need more time before I can get the
      Valid till: 31st December

      I don’t have internet… I have to get a Hotspot box from the library. I am on the library list; but I’m number 130… Can you please extend the date of December 31 until 60 days out from December 31st.??? I would greatly appreciate it, PLEASE…
      Thank U in advance!!!

      • You can even use your phone. Just log in to plugin boutique and apply the coupons at the checkout. You don’t need to download them now.

  1. Two lite plugins free from PB.

    Coupon codes


    Valid till: 31st December (23:59 PST)

  2. Thanks James, always much appreciated 🙏
    Happy Christmas Tomislav, James & the BPB crew & community, all the best 🎄☘️❤️

  3. Hello Tom,
    I apologize for my last post about Izotope Nectar on sale for 12.50$ on ADSR Sounds. Seems it was an error by the ADSR team.
    I’m really sorry for posting the wrong news/deal here.
    Hope you understand!!!

    Happy Holidays to the BPB team and all the BPB readers🎅🎅🎄🎄

  4. This Christmas was very disappointing. BPB is really falling off. Countless freebies I saw online that were not mentioned here, no giveaways as usual.
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    If it wasn’t for the comments, I would not visit this blog at all anymore.
    Very sad indeed.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I’m sorry that you feel this way, but let me assure you that BPB isn’t falling off. On the contrary, if you look at the news archive, you’ll see that we posted more articles than ever before in this period of the year. I took a little break for Christmas to spend some time with the family, so that’s why BPB was silent for a few days this weekend. As for the design, I agree that it needs improvements, and this is something that is coming in 2023. If you have any specific requests, please post them here. As for the giveaways, we gave away Waves Sibilance in December and released three new plugins in the last two months. I think that’s something. :)

    • Though i’ve been struggling through constant depression, & have had zero time/energy to spend on my song-writing hobby lately, BPB has still been an almost daily stop for me this past year. There’s usually something to lift my spirits, delving into my music-making passion. The site’s founders & writers care deeply about their audience & craft, going so far as to engage with individual comments or emails most of the time.

      Plus all the site improvements planned for next year, it is only gonna get better! Especially the overhaul of comments, that might allow BPB’s helpful community to play a more active role going forward! :)

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        Hey Darryl, thank you so much for the kind words and support. I hope you will feel better soon! We will try to help as much as possible by sharing news about musical goodies that might help inspire you.

        I’m also hoping that the planned website overhaul will work well. I’m planning a redesign and improved comments, but this must be done in a way that the website still feels familiar and without compromising usability and site speed. I’m expecting to launch it by mid-2023.

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        I hope you’re well, and can get some time to work on your music over the holidays because it’s important, and as you know, music can be a wonderful thing in tough times. Best wishes for the New Year, and I’ll try to be quicker and more regular with my replies!


  5. Hoping u-he hasn’t stopped developing new VST synths, five-ten years ago they put out a new VST almost every year. I was also thinking Zebra v3 was imminent, but instead that have been made a legacy product

    Repro 2016
    HIVE 2015 (v2 2019)
    Bazille 2014
    DIVA 2012
    ACE 2010

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I doubt it. I don’t have any info, but I’m sure they’re working on something. Would be interesting to get some info directly from u-he, though.

  6. Hi and happy new year to all,

    Old guy of 57 here – BPB has helped reignite a passion for music production I gave up on 30 years ago. Love the analysis and reviews, and particularly love the free and discounted VST leads you guys throw out there. Great work and continued success!

    Love and Regards from Darwin Australia!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Shaun, thank you so much for the comment. That means a lot! Thank you for reading BPB, and enjoy making music! :)

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