OSC Audio Debuts BFM For FREE For A Limited Time


OSC Audio has debuted BFM, a comprehensive metering plugin suite that is FREE for a limited time.

Metering plugins don’t get quite as much love as their flashier counterparts. SPAN by Voxengo is everyone’s favorite spectrum analyzer, but what if you need a simple metering plugin to upgrade your DAW’s generic volume display? Or, just a plain real-time waveform display?

That’s where OSC Audio’s new metering plugin bundle steps in.

BFM has a lot to like about it. There is quite a comprehensive selection of metering to choose from.

The plugin has a few different views to take advantage of as well. Navigation is pretty easy, as the interface is clean and clearly laid out. In the default text view you receive upon instantiating the plugin, it gives the peak volume reading. You can cycle between peak, RMS, and LUFS. Just as a text meter, it does a fine job.

Additional metering through the other views presents far more utility. The bars view presents a more refined view for viewing average-based readings, allowing metrics like RMS to shine.

Wave is more optimized towards peak hold, showing a visualized waveform in real-time while in operation.

The VU metering isn’t intended as a substitute for a proper VU meter but does help analyze how hot your audio is hitting the output. It’s a clean view that enables quick eyeballing before moving to other tasks. It would’ve been nice to have an accurate VU meter, but as it stands is plenty useful.

Spectrum view rounds out the views and presents a bird’s eye perspective on your mix. A little more granularity in the view would be fantastic, but as a quick reference, it works.

BFM is a wonderful freebie and should make a fine addition to anyone’s plugin folder if they lack metering. It packs a lot of wonderful little functions in an easy-to-read interface. The introductory free rate moves to a whopping $1 soon, but even for $1, it’s a no-brainer.

OSC Audio has made BFM available for Windows and Mac computers alike. A standalone version runs independently of the DAW, but Windows users have the option of VST3 inside of their DAW. Mac users have the option of VST3 and AU formats.

Download: BFM (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Well, numbers are totally wrong for me here on Reaper, on the master channel… Shows -22 LUFS instead of -10, -6 peak instead of -1 … First meter I try that is so wrong…

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