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Tunecraft Sounds released Cinematic Synths For Serum Vol II, a cinematic sound bank, with a €49 intro price (€89 full retail price). BPB readers can use the coupon code CS2BPB5 at checkout to receive an additional 5€ off until February 9th, 2023.

Cinematic sound design can be fairly hard to do, given the complexity of the sounds and the layering involved. Tunecraft Sounds does a lot of the heavy lifting for you with their latest sound library, Cinematic Synths for Serum II.

Most BPB readers are probably familiar with the original Cinematic Synths for Serum. It is a free sound bank for Serum that was praised by Steve Duda himself as a sound bank that is “worth having, especially for the price.”

85 FREE Xfer Serum Presets Released By Tunecraft Sounds

The original Cinematic Synths pack is a must-have for Serum users.

Although the first release wasn’t initially meant to remain free forever, Tunecraft Sounds decided to keep it free so that people who follow Steve Duda’s aforementioned link aren’t disappointed by the price change.

But if you’re looking for more cinematic goodness from Tunecraft Sounds, that’s where the new Cinematic Synths For Serum Vol II  sound bank steps in.

Cinematic Synths For Serum Vol II comes teeming with ready-to-use sounds across multiple categories. 267 presets can be selected to fit a variety of use cases. According to its creators, Cinematic Synths for Serum is “geared towards Filmscore, Trailers or Original Soundtracks composers or audio designers for TV, Movies, Films, and Games.”

However, while browsing the sounds, we instantly noticed that they are perfect for use across a broad range of music styles. You can easily spice up your EDM tracks with the included braams or add tension to your beats with the included risers and cinematic hits.

Exploring the sound bank further reveals massive drums, ominous basses, serene and ethereal pads, and various blockbuster-style sound effects. Cinematic Synths for Serum II is versatile, and it is indispensable for those into sound design, cinematic scoring, and music production.

If you like presets that are easy to tweak, you will love Tunecraft Sounds’ approach here.

“Almost every preset has all 4 macros mapped. Most include the mod wheel assignation as well. Velocity is mapped when relevant, and some presets include Aftertouch sensitivity to create bends or trigger specific modulations on advanced sounds. The macros are either mapped to allow quick control of the main characteristics of the sound – like filter cutoff, reverb mix, and such. And sometimes to less common ‘creative’ modulations to quickly manipulate sounds into different directions, creating more possibilities and variations within a few tweaks.”

Tunecraft Sounds always pays special attention to normalizing the volume across the soundbank, and this is also the case with Cinematic Synths for Serum Vol II. This is also true for the macros and modulations. The volume will remain relatively the same, making it safe to browse the sounds using headphones.

We listened to many cinematic sound banks, and Cinematic Synths for Serum Vol II stands out as one that feels compact and complete, almost like a piece of art in itself. You won’t find any rough edges or unfinished parts. The included presets flow together perfectly and provide plenty of inspiration for building complex cinematic parts.

But the attention to detail doesn’t end there. Tunecraft experimented with diverting the traditional use of tuning files. Some sounds are locked within one or two octaves, ensuring that users will play and hear sounds at the intended pitch (or at least within the range) they were designed for. In other words, if one preset has been locked to only one octave, this means that even if you press E4, E5, or E6, you will still hear E2 every time.

Of course, users can bypass this behavior by control-clicking (command/click on Mac) the tuning file in the Serum Global tab to disable this setting and get back to default.

Last but not least, the sounds are labeled using common prefixes such as BA, ARP, PD, LD, ATM, FX, SFX, SY, and DR. to make it easier for users to navigate the soundbank and find what they’re looking for. Of course, some presets are hard to strictly categorize and can be used in many ways for quite different results.

Purchasing Cinematic Synths for Serum II has some introductory bonuses as well. An additional pack of 50 sequence presets comes with all purchases, as well as a pack of audio files. The audio pack is comprised of braams, rendered and trimmed as necessary. This particular pack of braams was designed and recorded during the actual sound design creation for Cinematic Synths II.

This packed preset pack and extras retail currently for 49EUR as part of their introductory sale. Suggested retail after its introductory period will default to 89EUR. Additionally, customers can automatically receive 20% off their order of 50€ or more by adding any other product to their cart.

BPB readers get an additional €5 discount with the coupon code CS2BPB5 until February 9th, 2023.

Customers on the fence can also find the original Cinematic Synths for Serum for free. The original pack is a great freebie on par with the other paid preset packs available on the Tunecraft store, containing 85 production-ready sounds to use.

More info: Cinematic Synths For Serum Vol II (get €5 OFF with code CS2BPB5 until February 9th)

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