Get Up To 75% OFF Soundtoys Plugins For A Limited Time


Just because the holiday season has concluded doesn’t mean the deals stop. Plugin Boutique has up to 75% off on Soundtoys plugins until February 5th, with prices starting at $29.

There is a good smattering of plugins available for sale, in addition to the whole kit and kaboodle with the Soundtoys bundle at $269.

Decapitator needs no introduction. The venerable saturator is still very usable and remains a perennial favorite. At 75% off, or $49, this matches the all-time low it previously had. It is still very much worth picking up today.

Echoboy is likewise ubiquitous on many a mix session and still sounds great on just about every source you can think of. A true classic in terms of software delays and one that can act as a saturator, tape sim, and reverb in a pinch. Like Decapitator, it comes in at 75% off, or $49, and is worth every penny.

Crystallizer is a tad more niche and not quite as versatile as your typical delays. It has a particularly unique sound to it and lends a wonderful dreamy oddness to some sounds. Currently available for $29.

PanMan is an auto panner, you can definitely coax out some vibrato or rotary speaker-type sounds from it. It is a bit more situational than the other Soundtoys effects but does what it does quite well. It matches its all-time low of $29 and is a lot of fun on electric guitars and organs.

PrimalTap is a rather esoteric low-fidelity delay. It can function as your typical analog-styled delay, but you’d be missing a good chunk of the oddness that can be coaxed out of it. At a brisk $29, it is definitely worth a look for those looking for a character delay.

Little Alterboy is the last individual plugin on sale and has enjoyed a great deal of usage in various genres. The formant shifter and vocal destroyer is a wonderfully fun effect, and at $49, it is a solid choice for your vocal productions.

Soundtoys plugins are available for Windows and Mac users, with formats coming in at VST, AAX, and AU for Mac users only. The recent release of 5.3.7 for the Soundtoys suite also provides M1-compatible binaries for users on Apple Silicon computers.

It’s worth noting that any purchase you make until February 13th includes a free copy of Cableguys TimeShaper 3.

More info: Soundtoys Flash Sale

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  1. For me and maybe other musicians, crystalizer and little alterboy are welcome and helpfull in especial cases, but i don´t need their whole bundle, for people who are looking for well sounding effects when they own nothing, or only some effects, than it´s quiet a good deal. But if you own a lot of nice free and paid mayor brand effects stuff, mostly anounced by bedroomproducersblog, from arturia, audiothing etc. that’s money down the drain. I also got for free soundtoys sieQ but i never use it, even if it gets pretty close to the hardware :Thumbs UP:
    At all soundtoys stuff is mostly better than Waves stuff

  2. I bought the bundle years ago and nothing has changed since then. I love their work, but when are they going to reelase something new?

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