Cool Wav Releases A FREE Bundle Of Plugins, Samples, And Presets


Cool Wav releases Free Bundle (2021 – 2022), a collection of free plugins, sounds, and presets for music production.

Cool Wav makes plugins, sound packs, and presets that fit a range of music styles. In 2021 and 2022, they released many free products that are now conveniently available for download as a single free bundle.

The free bundle is currently live on the Cool Wav website, and the download page contains a long list of products that are included in the pack. One quick look at the list and it’s easy to realize that everyone will find something valuable in this collection.

Let’s take a look at the audio content first. There’s an analog 808 kit and two volumes of melodic loops that also come with MIDI. These make up the bulk of the download size.

You will also find two plugins, a VST3-only drum ROMpler and another VST3-only analog console emulation. Both plugins are available for Windows only.

The rest of the bundle consists of preset packs for various popular synths and effects. Represented in the presets are popular names like FAW Circle 2, Replicat, Thenatan, Waves Retro Fi, TAL-NoiseMaker (a fantastic free synth), Brainworx bx_oberhausen, Surge XT (4 volumes of presets), Xfer Serum, Valhalla, Vital, and even Arturia Pigments and Analog lab.

There are quite a few more plugins represented through presets, so you should check out the full list on the download page. Lastly, the bundle also contains a pack of FL Studio themes.

In total, there are 47 products included in the Cool Wav bundle, and the total download size is 1.5 GB. Downloading is straightforward but do read the instructions on the official website if the direct link doesn’t work. Since it is a large download for a free product, Cool Wav has used a Google Drive link, and it is mentioned in the description.

So, if you’re in the mood for a bit of exploring and preset crate digging, download the Cool Wav bundle. Chances are that you’ll find a few gems for your music production kit.

Download: Cool Wav Free Bundle


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  1. I think it is possible to get Tracktion RetroMod Fat for free (legit)
    Beat Magazine at their Plugins-Samples site is giving a free “starter” pack including issue 189, which includes a code for Tracktion RetroMod Fat. I already bought the issue back in the day so I got it then, but rechecked the link where one register the code at Tracktion now and that is still up

  2. Just downloaded the pack some days before. It comes with good patchs for BX Oberhausen, Pigments, Vital, SurgeXT, Softube 1984, Odin, Super GR8.Cherry Miniverse, Vahalladsp and some other synths
    You find some big fat sounding 808 sounds in the pack, a saturation vst by coolwave , Drum8 vst.
    Never heard about Super Gr8 before, outstanding free 80ties synth.

    Nice gift, really welcome,
    big thanks coolwave

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