Ghosthack Releases Ultimate Producer’s Bundle 2023


Ghosthack is back with another bag of goodies for electronic music producers. If you’ve found yourself lamenting that free space on your hard drive, then look no further than the Ultimate Producer’s Bundle 2023.

With over 36GB of sound content, you should be well suited for any type of production you can think of.

Ultimate Producer’s Bundle 2023 comes with 12 exclusive packs that aren’t covered by the rest of the included sounds. Customers will get access to packs covering vocals, guitars, melodies, and all sorts of drums. Also included are some genre-specific packs for pop, EDM, techno, and synth-wave.

Past these exclusive 12 packs are the core meat of the bundle. UPB2023 Basic comes with 20 packs in total, with another 8 packs covering all sorts of genres. You will access various sound content, from cinematic sound effects to electronic music production tools and more.

UPB2023 Premium elevates this further with another 8 packs, bringing 28 sample packs to your hard drive. These cover an even wider variety of genres, with chillout, deathstep, and hip-hop all being present among the genre selections.

The first 350 customers who purchase UPB2023 Premium will receive additional 3 bonus packs, covering nu disco, witch house, and some more cinematic textures.

These customers will also get a free €50 gift card with no minimum spend. You can use the gift card on anything in the Ghosthack store, so some of those more elusive packs you might be eyeing can join your collection.

Let’s get down to the pricing, which varies depending on which pack you’re snagging.

  • The Exclusives and New additions to the UPB pack are available for €117.00 and cover the 12 newly released packs.
  • UPB2023 Basic weighs in at €157 and comes with 20 packs in total.
  • Premium is the most expensive at €184.00 but comes with 28 packs in total and the aforementioned gift card.

This is a time-limited offer, so act quick if you’re looking to bolster your sample supply.

Regarding system compatibility, any major DAW capable of supporting WAV files should be able to handle it. This covers Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and anything else you can think of.

Purchasing UPB2023 also entitles customers to enter the Ultimate Music Production Contest. This contest comes with a grab bag of goodies, with the grand prize consisting of a pair of Yamaha HS7 monitors, Maschine MK3, Akai MPK mini MK3, and €300 in credit for the Ghosthack store.

Buy: Ultimate Producer’s Bundle 2023 (Exclusives & New, Premium or Basic Bundle) – Limited Offer


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