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ADSR Sounds offer the Audiority Deleight plugin as a FREE bonus add-on with any purchase in May 2023.

The month of May has arrived, and the monthly freebies available from your favorite retailers have reset. For ADSR, its latest offering is the multi-tap Deleight from Audiority.

So, what is Audiority Deleight?

It is a creative delay with up to four taps per stereo channel. Beneath its unassuming interface lurks a creative powerhouse that could be suitable for your next production.

The interface of Deleight is very much a straightforward experience. The center panel is divided into two independent sections, with the center section serving as the delay control.

The left and right taps have time syncing or free running readily available, with modulation available to each tap. You can also independently control the taps on both sides with regard to their panning and amplitude.

Next to the tap controls is the feedback controls. Here you can specify how much modulation is applied to the feedback, the amplitude, damping, and the overall amount of feedback being fed to each tap.

The controls are rounded out by the LFO section, where you can select the shape and rate. You can also link the delay taps or loop them here.

Up top is more general controls. You’ll find input gain, bit reduction, drive, and filtering here. Also available are controls for how many wet and dry signals are audible.

I’ve had Delelight for several years, and it is a real workhorse of a delay, so getting it for free with a purchase is an excellent opportunity.

You can never have too many delays, or maybe you can, but I choose to ignore that kernel of wisdom. All I know is It works great as a workhorse delay and can get into some wonderfully bizarre territory with the eight taps at your command.

Deleight is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. It is a universal plugin for Mac users, so you get binaries for Intel and Silicon computers. Also included is an Apple Silicon native AAX for the latest version of Pro Tools, which is a welcome addition.

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