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There are only five days left to get Emergent Drums before the price increases on May 9th, 2023. BPB readers also get an exclusive 20% OFF discount (use coupon code BPBMAY20 at checkout).

Audialab will soon release Emergent Drums 2.0, a new version of its groundbreaking AI drum generator plugin. It will introduce new features, but also a slight price increase.

You can get Emergent Drums with its current (old) price and use our exclusive BPBMAY20 discount code for an additional 20% off. And best of all, if you purchase the plugin now, you will receive Emergent Drums 2.0 as a FREE update!

So, how does the Emergent Drums plugin work?

The easiest way to describe it is that it uses AI to generate unlimited drum sounds. It is like a drum synthesizer that uses machine learning instead of synthesis to create drums.

The workflow is simple. You can instruct the plugin to generate a new sound and then fine-tune it to your liking either manually or by telling the AI to generate additional variations.

So, if you need instant drum kit inspiration, simply fire up Emergent Drums in your DAW and start generating new drum sounds. Of course, you can save the generated drums for later use, store presets and build full drum kits from scratch.

Every producer spent countless hours searching for that “perfect” snare or kick drum for a particular project. And we all have gigabytes of drum sounds on our hard drives.

This plugin can speed up the process by generating the desired drum sounds from scratch and letting you fine-tune each drum to make it sound just like you want.

Anyway, we talked a lot about AI music generators and AI music copyright on BPB lately, but tools like Emergent Drums are exactly what AI should bring to the world of music production software.

I feel that AI-powered instruments will lead to exciting new things, just like legendary instruments like the 808, the Minimoog, and the 303 did.

So, you can still get Emergent Drums 1.0 with the old price tag before version 2.0 drops. You will receive 2.0 as a free update, and it will include the following improvements:

  • the official release of “Creamy,” a new drum model with much better sounds;
  • get variations of your own drum samples
  • clean new design for clarity and focus
  • choke groups
  • locking pads (so they don’t regenerate when you “regenerate all”)
  • multi-out improvements
  • better similarity algorithm

The price will increase on Tuesday next week. And don’t forget to use the code BPBMAY20 for an additional discount if you decide to purchase now.

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