Rift Feedback Lite Is FREE For A Limited Time (Again!)


Minimal Audio is giving away Rift Feedback Lite for free for a limited time again.

This isn’t the first time Rift Feedback Lite has been offered for free. If you’ve missed the offer in the past, be sure to hurry up since this may not be another freebie to collect but something that you might want to use.

Rift Feedback Lite is a musical processor meant to explore the unique and unpredictable capabilities of feedback.

You can tune the physical modeling feedback to the key of your track with preset scales and select whichever notes you want to be picked by the processor.

Or, you can use it as a MIDI effect that can be played like an instrument (a process known as Key Tracking) to create unique melodic effects that are always in key, thanks to an easy-to-use pitch-snapping feature.

Despite its minimalistic yet sleek interface, Rift Feedback Lite has a lot happening under the hood. You can select up to eight different modes covering tuned resonators, comb filters, and various synced delay modes, which are subdivided into two main categories TUNED and TIMED.

The adventurous TUNED modes are MIDI, TUNE, and COMB. In contrast, the TIMED ones offer the classic delay features of FREE and SYNC, and three additional options being implicit SYNC but snapped to either NORM, TRIP, or DOT (for normal, triplet, or dotted subdivisions of the host tempo).

You can tailor the sound generated through the feedback process to your needs, thanks to the onboard effects.

Rift Feedback Lite includes highpass and lowpass filters, a stereo spread knob which is great for building huge spaces, a switch of operation between stereo and ping-pong mode, and a horizontal slider for selecting the feedback mix amount.

The central knob has varying functions depending on the mode selected in the menu appearing above it: for example, in SYNC mode, it represents the delay time, while in TUNE mode, it controls the frequency.

This is an example of a beautifully well-designed UI, with meaningful controls right in front of you and an easy and flexible workflow.

You can even switch between Dark and Light modes according to your visual tastes.

Rift Feedback Lite is available for both Windows (10 or higher) and MacOS (10.9 or higher) at 64 bits only formats in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX and requires an internet connection for online activation of the software.

Get it now on the Minimal Audio website.

Download: Rift Feedback Lite (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Drugged Bunny


    I couldn’t figure out what this thing is meant to do, going by their video and the description… is it some sort of delay effect? (I think this was the developer’s comment on YouTube.)

    If anyone is thinking this was a guitar amp feedback emulator, and is still looking, check out the (paid) Bluecat Audio AcouFiend, or Rex Basterfield’s (free) SIM-FBK:


    Top tip, don’t have headphones on really loud when testing SIM-FBK, I nearly deafened myself first time!

  2. All RAWOLTAGE plugins are apparently free now.
    “2023.05.15 – ALL VST FREE – Please donate”

    “download and use for free! if you like it please donate”

    (As an aside, putting your IBAN online seems like a bad idea. The paypal address alone would have sufficed.)

  3. Michal Ochedowski


    Rift Feedback Lite can be used as a unique delay/echo effect. I couldn’t easily replicate its type of repetitions using advanced delay. Whenever I stumble on such plugins, I think they’re worth keeping. As always, I recommend a limiter after it, especially during testing. The Feedback knob is naughty beyond 3 o’clock :)

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