Creative ToolboX: Steinway Grand Piano Is A FREE Piano Sample Library


Strezov Sampling is celebrating its tenth birthday and is passing out presents to users instead of themselves. Steinway Grand Piano is the latest in a set of virtual instruments meant to be a whole virtual band.

Previously, Strezov had released the Drums and Percussion Toolbox, which helps to make the backbone of a track. If you’re looking to add a little class and delicacy to a production, Steinway Grand Piano is an excellent choice for your productions.

Included are three microphone placements. Users can access close, decca, and hall mic placements, all with different characters.

In addition, users will get access to an equalizer, which comes with four bands. You might opt for your own preferred equalizer, but this one works fine for a little tone shaping.

There is a pretty standard reverb effect available, which complements the sound of the samples quite well. Users can dial in pedal noise or opt to just omit it entirely.

You can also control the stereo width, which is handy if you want to get a little stereo presence for your playing.

The core sound of the piano is stellar, and there are a few different sample layers to make the playing feel more dynamic. Yet, this isn’t a deeply sampled piano by any means.

That aside, it is enough to handle most of your production needs. I’m not a keyboard player, so I’m probably a poor judge of what makes a decent piano library. That said, the Creative ToolboX Steinway Grand Piano sounds great, in my personal opinion.

If you want to snag Creative ToolboX: Steinway Grand Piano, it is available for Kontakt Player. As such, system compatibility extends to any system that can use the freeware version of Kontakt. Mac and Windows users alike should be able to use it.

That’s right, it is one of the rare free Kontakt libraries readily available for Kontakt Player. For more options, take a look at our list of free libraries for Kontakt.

You can download it straight through Strezov’s website or go through Native Access, depending on your preference. Might as well snag the free drums while you’re at it, and you’re close to a full band.

Download: Steinway Grand Piano


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