NoiseWorks Releases Enshape for FREE (Beta Early Access)


NoiseWorks offers the Enshape compressor/expander plugin as a FREE download during the beta testing phase.

It’s common to see new faces in the audio development world. New companies appear from nowhere with inspiring new tools to catch either the seasoned professional or the aspiring bedroom music producer.

NoiseWorks is one of them, and they are now giving the public free beta access to Enshape. The developers want users to rethink how we process audio dynamics and reconsider the need for threshold, knee, or ratio controls.

Enshape doesn’t use AI, nor does it attempt to emulate any analog equipment.

The plugin uses two envelope followers to capture the incoming audio, each with its own Attack and Release controls. The boost or reduction in dynamics is achieved by analyzing the gain difference between the two envelopes, one being the audio captured and the other the target you want to achieve in ‘reshaped’ dynamics.

Although you might be confused or skeptical, the interface provides all the control needed for scenarios like compression, expansion, and transient shaping.

An advantage of this method is that you control the attack and sustain parts of the signal independently for maximum precision.

Some examples of applications the developers refer to are reducing unwanted parts, such as breaths in vocals, and catching loudness peaks without affecting the rest of your signal by employing a threshold-independent approach.

Unlike traditional transient shapers, which allow you to only control the loudness of the attack and release stages, Enshape goes a step further by offering you the ability to adjust their lengths.

Another feature that stands out is the Auto Gain function which is useful for avoiding the “louder is better” trap.

Enshape has a handy built-in tutorial and tooltips available to get started, and it’s available for both Windows and Mac (with M1/M2 native support) at 64-bit operating systems, with formats being VST3, AU, and AAX.

You can download the beta right now, until the full version is released, by entering your name and email, hence permitting NoiseWorks to send you newsletters about their products.

Get it now on the NoiseWorks website.

Download: Enshape (free beta access)


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