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Sonixinema releases Brute Flute Explorations, a free contrabass flute sample library for Kontakt.

We covered another release from Sonixinema fairly recently, and they’re back at it again with the release of Brute Flute Explorations. While the free version only has a single articulation from the larger library, it still makes for quite a bit of fun.

Brute Flute Explorations is a meticulously sampled library recorded with the help of Gareth McIearnon. It is based around a contrabass flute, so you aren’t going to be getting any sweet and high melodies out of this.

Instead, it is something entirely different, bordering almost on the sinister when in use.

The free articulation available is Explosive Articulations, which is just as bombastic and biting as you might imagine. The overall aim of this articulation is somewhat limited in scope, but it fits well with various productions.

I found it is a lot of fun to use it almost as a sharp and organic embellishment to balance out a more smooth and sedate Reese bass for DnB. It certainly would fit well in cinematic composition, complementing a set of horns quite readily.

For those who are more sound design oriented, this is great fodder for making ambient drones or resampling into nastier synthetic basses. You could readily feed a few samples into a granulator and go crazy with things.

Sonixinema’s Brute Flute Explorations has a fairly clean interface, with a good amount of control over the sound itself. You’ll find a standard ADSR, velocity control, reverb, and proximity and detune controls.

Proximity is an interesting control and seems to be a combination of filtering and some other processing to affect the overall timbre of the sound. The ADSRs can affect the filtering, amplitude, and pitch of the sound.

So you’ve got plenty of means to alter the sound before doing my usual task of throwing samples into the VCV Rack and stirring the digital cauldron until something pretty comes out.

You can’t buy a sandwich for the cost of this free library, so you might as well snag it. It is a free library compatible with Kontakt Player, making it one of the rare libraries all users can use.

Download: Brute Flute Explorations (Free version)


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  1. Gotta love a Kontakt Player freebie!

    BTW, NNAudio just released four new free plugins (VST3/AU), including a sculpting EQ that lets you draw whatever curve you want, which looks promising.

      • I mean, I appreciate a heads up as much as the next guy, but “be careful, do some research” is more vague than it is helpful. Research what exactly? New Nation is a rather new company, but I’ve used some of their romplers over the past year without any significant issues, and I haven’t noticed any red flags. Do you know something I don’t? Why are you giving me this advice?

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