Hz Box Is A FREE Chorus Plugin by Higher Hz


Higher Hz release Hz Box, a free chorus plugin for Windows and macOS.

I really am a sucker for strange effects. About half the time I spend with audio software is just manipulating things to sound like unearthly howls for whatever reason. If you’re a huge fan of off-kilter takes on traditional effects, then Hz Box might be right up your alley.

So, what is Hz Box exactly?

That’s a little hard to say, dear reader. As you can imagine, the title is a bit of a misnomer. Hz Box doesn’t just do chorusing but instead emulates a whole soundbox of an instrument.

In this case, a soundbox is the body of an acoustic instrument. This makes for a fairly novel effect, with greatly varying results on a slew of different sound sources. The developer encourages learning the effect to make the best use of it.

Watch the video below to see Hz Box in action.

Hz Box isn’t something you’d reach for when embarking on your typical mixing sessions. It has a decidedly strange flair, similar in concept to PSP’s Pianoverb or the simulated body reverb in Plasmonic. It isn’t really a mixing plugin, but more one anchored around some tinkering.

That said, it’s quite a bit of fun mixed with pinged noises. I’ve found you can coax some rather strange timbres out of it when feeding it physical modeling fare like Chromaphone 3. Diva also made some stranger noises, but it was quite fun nonetheless.

Hz Box’s core sound relies on a combination of a resonance chamber, speaker emulation, chorus, phaser, and reverb. The basic conceit behind Hz Box’s concept is to add varying amounts of these individual effects. If you’re me, you just crank all the sliders to and fro to see how it sounds on a generic synth arpeggio.

So, should you grab Hz Box? It’s free, so why not? Hz Box is a bundle of fun, even if it might not fit into a particular niche for your workflow.

Hz Box is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AAX. It works fine on both my Windows workstation and my MacBook, so take that as you will.

Download: Hz Box (FREE)


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  1. hz box is not available in aax format, quote from the website: “Hz Box is available in 64-bit AU, VST2.4, and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.”

  2. MNTRA maybe in need of beta-testers ?
    They have released “Ancient Dhrupad Vocals & rare 1800s Church Bass” for free, but note that it needs to run in their MNDALA engine

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