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Mastering The Mix has just released their latest innovative product called Fuser, a smart unmasking plugin, and they are hosting a deal with us!

From now until the 3rd of October 2023, when you purchase Fuser, you can pick any other plugin from their collection free with coupon code BPB added at checkout.

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the best plugins in the market for audio mixing.

Talking of Fuser, its main purpose is to solve audio intricacies and potential masking between elements within your mixes.

It tackles conflicting audio channels head-on, offering an array of smart features to finesse the process.

From finely adjusting volume balances to optimizing phase and even employing the clever technique of mid-side sidechain ducking, Fuser might be your new go-to sonic problem-solver.

A competitive plugin on the market that comes to mind for these scenarios may be Trackspacer, but Fuser looks and sounds way more advanced and feature-packed.

Some remarkable features worth mentioning are the ‘Conflict Detection,’ combined with the automatic ‘Resolve Conflicts’ function, which together allows you to effortlessly identify optimal starting points for ironing out audio clashes without overdoing the process.

The workflow is simple and intuitive. You can create a node by double-clicking the frequency display. Then, by dragging the node down, you’re increasing the processing amount.

The interface shows the most important controls like M/S, which stands for Mid/Side, Q, Attack, and Release.

In the top right, a small triangle button (Δ) lets you listen to the Delta signal, which is the difference between the processed and unprocessed audio.

This is incredibly useful in tailoring the right attack and release settings, for example, since this is a dynamic process. Another fantastic application of Fuser is when layering sounds.

The Phase Analyze feature automatically finds the optimal phase rotation, ensuring minimal phase cancellation when layering similar sounds frequency-wise, such as kicks and basses.

Other great selling points of Fuser are the clear frequency display, with different colors related to mid-channel or side-channel conflicts, and gain-match visual clues.

Plugins like Fuser can help you mix music faster, but there are many other techniques to help you get a better mix. Check our quickstart guide on how to prepare a song for mixing.

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  1. Great Offer here, wonderful plugin in my opinion, especially for producers that sometimes might have doubts or that would like to learn like me :-)

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