Overloud Offers Dusty Racks FREE IR Library For The Free REmatrix Player


Overloud offers Dusty Racks FREE, a free IR library that works in the free REmatrix Player plugin. The offer ends on September 19th.

The freeware REmatrix Player is a hybrid, convolution reverb plugin that already got some nice free expansions over time.

Dusty Racks FREE offers a selection of 15 impulse responses and 15 presets created from legendary reverb units from manufacturers like Yamaha, Alesis, Roland, Lexicon, and more.

Studio reverb processors were hugely popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and while most of them have been emulated in software, there are still some rare, less-known units yet to be re-discovered.

As the name suggests, Dusty Racks was intended to capture 15 of those unique units.

As music producers, we strive to sound unique and be different.

Reverb is certainly one tool to keep in mind when looking to sculpt your own sound, in particular convolution or hybrid reverbs.

The beauty of collecting or capturing unique IRs (Impulse Responses) is that you can immerse your sounds in unique real-world spaces or costly vintage reverb hardware units.

The added value is when, as in this case, the IRs have been meticulously recorded by an expert like Sabino Cannone of MoReVoX.

Here are the reverb units included in Dusty Racks FREE:

  • Yamaha REV7
  • Alesis Quadraverb 2
  • Roland SRV2000
  • Roland DEP3
  • Dynacord DRP15
  • Yamaha REV500
  • Alesis Midiverb II
  • Lexicon LEX300
  • Roland SVR330
  • Pioneer SR-101
  • Yamaha REV5
  • Lexicon MX1
  • Lexicon LX15
  • Roland R880
  • Roland DEP5

Dusty Racks FREE can be loaded into the free REmatrix player, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, let’s recap a few key features.

Firstly, it’s not a traditional IR player, but it gives the user the possibility to blend different reverb types.

This is achieved by tweaking the levels of 5 layers in a simple mixer window, with some added editing capabilities to shape the reverb tone further.

In this way, you can use the IRs in their pure form, as they were captured, or experiment more by layering multiple IRs for a unique reverb sound.

Be sure to download Dusty Racks FREE and the REmatrix Player plugin (both are linked below).

To install Dusty Racks, you just need to drag and drop the ‘.rematrix’ file into the REmatrix window. If asked for a serial, click cancel, and the library gets authorized anyway.

The free REmatrix Player plugin is available for both Windows and Mac systems. Supported plugin formats are VST, AU, and AAX.

Interestingly, for all formats, 64-bit Intel and Apple Silicon are natively supported.

Download: Dusty Racks FREE / ILIO (you need the FREE REMatrix Player)


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  1. overloud-hybrid-free is still working to download and use with the REMatrix Player (You get your serial for the Player not for the free libraries)

  2. Also nice to know if you go to Downloads > Additional Preset Download presets There is a Blackstar Library which was free over a year ago. If you download the file and drag and drop it into your free Rematrix player plugin it still works for free. It appears as Blackstar and Blackstar (multilayer). So now you can have three free libraries.How cool is that ;-) The others on the site you can download as well and the presets will appear but the IR’s won’t work. So they are no use in case someone wants to try

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