Variety of Sound Releases epicPLATE mkII FREE Plate Reverb Plugin For Windows


Much to everyone’s delight, Variety of Sound has been on a roll with updated releases and has now released epicPLATE mkII, a FREE classic plate reverb plugin for Windows.

Earlier this month, we covered NastyDLA mkIII, a plugin that might be one of the best free delays around for Windows users.

This time, we have epicPLATE mkII, a plugin that offers a modern recreation of classic plate reverb.

We first covered epicPLATE in early 2022, when it was released as a successor to the discontinued epicVerb. By all accounts, users seemed to love the first version of epicPLATE, which we’ve come to expect from any Variety of Sound plugin.

So, what’s new in epicPLATE mkII?

Thankfully, not too much, nothing that changes the character of the plugin, at least. Rather than significant changes, epicPLATE mkII brings some important upgrades, including VST3 support and higher-quality processing.

The new release also sports an upgraded interface with a sleeker, modern look. To be fair, the previous interface was fine; the new one is just much sharper, which should enhance the user experience.

The controls remain almost entirely the same, albeit in slightly different positions.

The interface starts with the Pre-Delay and Decay knobs right above the filter controls. One slight departure from the previous format is that you now get dedicated high-pass and low-pass filter knobs instead of the single knob from version one.

Next, we have a Width control, Dry/Wet mix, and Quality, Gate, and Color switches.

The Gate switch is an instant 80s hit that should be called Phil Collins Mode. I was about to say Genesis Mode, but that sounds too much like something that might be futuristic and cool.

All joking aside, the gated reverb effect is pretty cool, and despite being such an 80s icon, it’s still uber-slick in the correct use.

The Color switch lets you toggle between Bright and Dark modes. Plate reverb generally sounds bright, making it an ideal way to add brightness without becoming harsh.

epicPLATE mkII allows you to go a little darker while maintaining other typical characteristics of a classic plate reverb.

Previous users will be glad to see the Drive knob has gone nowhere, as it was a defining feature of the original plugin.

Plate reverb sounds awesome on many things because it has a distinctive character that’s more than simply adding space. Whether you throw it on some vocals, your snare, or something more creative, epicPLATE mkII is an excellent reverb and a must-have freebie.

epicPLATE mkII is available in 32/64-bit VST2 and VST3 formats for Windows.

Download: epicPLATE mkII (FREE)


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! That’s a really nice UI–feels light, almost minimalist somehow, even though there are quite a few controls available. And I already know it will sound as good as it looks (at the minimum!). Cheers, VoS!

    • Not resizable. Overall the size and layout is bigger than NastyDLA, but the smallest texts are same or smaller than NastyDLA. However, it is fine to use the plugin without reading those texts “ms”, “Hz”, “0…100”, and “db”. I think it hinges on if “quality”, “gate”, and “color” are readable.

    • Knobs and readouts are fine on a 2K 27″, but yes some of the smaller labels for/and the switches could be bigger. The screenshot at the top of the article is 1:1 I believe if you click on it, albeit blurry, the plugin will look way sharper.

  2. Awesome freebie, but I so so so so so wish VOS would do an updated 64bit version of EpicVerb. It was one of my favourite reverbs and I have a ton of user-made presets for it!

    • There was a v1.6 64bit.

      If only there was a machine to go wayback, like the 29th of november 2021, something random like this, and look for the download link, click on it, realize it wasn’t archived, take a guess and only keep the URL, find, by sheer luck, a Google Drive link that contains the file you wanted, perhaps, who knows and feel like a 1337 h4xx0r from the 90s doing so. Ah, if only.


    • You can download the x64 version at one of the web sites that host free plugins ( I can’t post the link because it will be removed).

    • So, I just realized this is a new version of epicPLATE, not epicVerb, which was the CPU heavy one. I haven’t tried either of the epicPLATEs yet.

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