Get SSL DrumStrip and Harrison Drum Flow For Only $34.99


Plugin Boutique offers the SSL DrumStrip and Harrison AVA Drum Flow bundle for $34.99 during a limited-time sale. The 90% discount offer expires on September 26th.

I will admit I don’t have many processors intended for a singular workflow. I don’t have any guitar or vocal-centric plugins in the swelling folders on any computer.

However, I do recognize a fun channel strip or two when I see them.

For a limited time, you can snag SSL’s DrumStrip and Harrison’s Drum Flow for the astonishing price of $34.99. Both of these tools are centered on carving and sculpting drums in one easy workflow.

SSL DrumStrip

SSL DrumStrip’s drum processing toolkit starts with a handy noise gate. It works well enough to my ears, especially on snares and hats.

It also comes with a pair of enhancers intended for a bus’s low and high-end content. These aren’t EQs, but they certainly can help fundamentals poke forward in a mix.

Further down the signal path, you can access a transient shaper, which seems to work well enough but could benefit from automatic gain compensation.

This is rounded out by the SSL Listen Mic Compressor, which I’ve always found works best in parallel with a given piece of audio.

Harrison AVA Drum Flow

Harrison’s Drum Flow is a bit more robust.

You have a full EQ here, which is always a bonus. There is a dual-purpose expander/gate, which seems to work just fine on a drum kit. There is also a sidechain filter, which seems to route to both the gate and compressor.

The compressor is a little more akin to your standard workflow with variable ratio, attack, release, and makeup controls.

Drum Flow has a novel addition of a subharmonic synthesizer. I know plenty of engineers who prefer using similar plugins from Waves, but you could very easily shape, sculpt, and enhance with ease using Drum Flow.

The Sale

The good folks at Plugin Boutique are the ones conducting this marvel of sale.

You can obtain both for a limited time at the low price of $34.99, as previously stated. If you purchase now, you can get the Loopmix Lite or Mastering the Mix eBook on offer for the month of September.

The sale ends on the 26th of September, so act fast.

Get the deal: Plugin Boutique ($39 until September 26th)


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