PSP stepDelay Is A New FREE Delay Plugin By PSP Audioware


PSP released PSP stepDelay, a freeware tape delay plugin with built-in saturation and several other exciting features.

PSP stepDelay is the first freeware product we’ve seen from PSP Audioware in a long, long time. It’s essentially the old CM Delay plugin, but now it’s free for all, directly from the developer’s website.

Before checking out PSP stepDelay, let’s rewind a bit.

If you’ve been using VST plugins for a while, you probably know one of PSP Audioware’s old freebies. PSP PianoVerb plugin is somewhat of a cult classic in the freeware community, an unusual reverb tool that simulates the reverberation produced by piano strings.

It still remains one of my secret sound design tools, so I was happy to see that PSP Audioware just released another freebie.

The new PSP stepDelay plugin is less original than its piano reverb counterpart, but that’s not a bad thing. If you need a versatile delay plugin that covers all the basics (and more) for free, this one could be it!

At its core, PSP stepDelay is a tape delay emulation. Simply load it on a channel in your DAW, and you’ll instantly get a decent tape echo sound.

The plugin sounds exactly as you’d expect from a tape delay emulation. It’s not the same sound you’d get from using a hardware tape delay unit (I compare all tape delay plugins to my beloved Dynacord Echocord and always feel that something is missing), but the result is roughly the same.

However, PSP stepDelay adds several features you’d never find in a vintage tape delay.

For starters, it can sync to your DAW. You can also tap-in the delay time and fine-tune the smoothness of the delay time adjustment.

PSP stepDelay also includes an LFO that can be used for stereo delay modulation. This is one of my favorite techniques for making a recording sound wider without using a chorus.

Ping-pong delay is another favorite feature, and PSP stepDelay delivers that as well. Lastly, you get a pair of filters and a stereo image knob to quickly adjust the stereo width.

Watch the video below for more info.

PSP stepDelay is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

To get your free copy of PSP stepDelay, add it to your shopping cart on the product page linked below and complete the free checkout process. The plugin will be added to your PSP Audioware user account.

Read our article about free delay plugins for more options.

Download: PSP stepDelay


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  1. Hey Tom, I think you should review the new Acustica Audio’s Pumpkin, a Saturation plugin free until 05/Nov where they used their brand new Hyper3 Technology. Little to no aliasing, and sounds crazy good to me

  2. Bonsoir,
    je souhaite télécharger Step Delay PSP, mais je n’arrive pas a crée un compte impossible
    c’est la première fois que je rencontre ce problème auriez-vous svp une explication ou bien une marche a suivre.

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