All SSL Fusion Plugins On Sale For A Limited Time at Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique launched the Solid State Logic SSL Fusion Mega Sale, offering an 84% OFF discount on each SSL Fusion plugin until November 8th.

We’re in the final big stretch to the holidays, and you better believe the sales are hitting their stride. If you want to impart a bit of analog color to your mixes, then Solid State Logic has you covered!

Until the 8th of November, you can pick up the whole series of SSL Fusion plugins over at Plugin Boutique, all for $29.99.

You’ve got five processors in total, each covering its own specific niche.

The SSL Fusion HF Compressor is an interesting one and something I frequently lean on TDR Limiter N°6 (one of the best free limiter plugins) to get.

You can use the SSL Fusion HF Compressor to tame harsher transient spikes on hi-hats and cymbals.

SSL Fusion Stereo Image does what it says on the box and is a great little finisher on the whole mix bus.

A little bit will do you, but it achieves a natural sense of width on nearly-finished mixes.

SSL Fusion Transformer tackles that undersung champion of hardware saturation, as you might imagine from the name.

Controls are equally simple here, and you can dial in the saturation and shine you want to impart on the signal.

SSL Fusion Vintage Drive is another saturator but with a more general purpose in its overall scope.

Like its sibling in Transformer, you’ve got controls over the amount of distortion applied to a signal as well as the density of the gain structure.

Finally, you round everything off with SSL Fusion Violet EQ. This is a fairly simplistic EQ on the surface, with a pair of filters and a pair of bands.

The filters are gentle, as you’d expect from a mix bus processor. The bands themselves are a wonderful little sweetener and can help as a final boost or cut with a little bit of color.

I’m a bit surprised there aren’t more dynamics processors in the whole package, but I suppose some users will be leaning on their usual mixing compressors.

You’ve got a limited time to make the most of this sale, so get on it when you can. As part of the PB sale, you can pick any of this month’s freebies, which include VISION 4X Lite, UJAM’s Mellow 2, and UAD’s LA-2A Tube Compressor.

Check out the deal: SSL Fusion Sale (All items $29.99 until November 8th)


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