Get Native Instruments Super 8 FREE With A Loopcloud Subscription


Loopcloud offers the Native Instruments Super 8 virtual instrument as a free gift with any subscription until December 4, 2023. A two-month subscription currently costs $2.

Do you fancy retro synths? I personally can’t get enough of just the old, reliable subtractive synth.

Loopcloud offers an enticing freebie for users looking to subscribe to the service. From now until December 4, 2023, you can snag Native Instruments Super 8 while getting a two-month subscription for only $2.

So, what is Super 8?

On the surface, it is a mishmash of analog synth design influences. There’s obvious inspiration taken from the family of Roland analog synths, but you can certainly see a bit of the Prophet-5 and other landmark analog polys in there.

You’ve got a pair of oscillators, each with four waveforms. This can be blended together, modulated, or whatever else you’d like to do to add some motion.

There’s a variable filter capable of low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass configurations. You’ve got a pair of envelopes, which control the amplitude and modulate the filter, respectively.

Velocity as a modulation source is present on the amp section, but you’ve also got a tidy little mod routing panel at the bottom of the interface. This works well when used in conjunction with the two LFOs present on the synth.

Super 8 is a bit like UAD’s PolyMax, where it isn’t a terribly complicated synth on the surface but does great when looking at bread-and-butter sounds.

The included effects are somewhat sparse; you’ve got a chorus, flanger, or delay, which only one can be selected at a time. These all sound great, with the chorus being a personal favorite. There’s also a fairly nice reverb present, which has a few different selectable modes.

Super 8 seems to look back at a time when Pro-53 was still a flagship synth from NI, and it wears its influences on its sleeve quite proudly. The interface is clear and easy to navigate, and all the controls are instantly accessible on the front panel.

So, is it worth subbing to Loopcloud to get Super 8 for free?

I certainly think so, but you must see how many analog-flavored polysynths you’ve got in your plugin folder. It might not be necessary if you’ve got the likes of Diva or Repro-5 already installed in your DAW.

On a related note, one of our favorite free polyphonic synthesizers, the incredibly simple yet great-sounding Charlatan, was recently updated. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a freeware virtual analog synthesizer with tons of character.

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  1. I think the name “Super 8” is a play on Roland Jupiter 8

    It feels like a synth that would have been released within Reaktor, but it has been set free

    Sadly, I can’t find a way to scale the GUI

  2. Can anyone share a coupon code for Super 8 Plugin Boutique? As far as I know, these coupon codes are universal. I would buy a subscription, but in my country it is impossible to pay.

  3. “Can’t apply coupon to already discounted order”
    Anyone else having this problem?

    I’ve tried remove Super8 from cart and recreate the order.. but nothing helps..

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