Fracture Sounds Releases FREE Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes For Kontakt Player


Fracture Sounds released Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes, a free melodic percussion sample library for Kontakt Player by Native Instruments.

Don’t you just love the number of freebies for Kontakt Player we are getting this year? Kontakt libraries available for free went from being an absolute rarity to being a wonderfully common occurrence.

The Fracture Sounds team has ensured their latest release is also running on Kontakt Player, the freeware edition of Native Instruments’ flagship sampler plugin.

Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes is a novel sample library focusing on a set of chimes in a local park in Huddersfield, UK.

Instead of going for typical sounds, Greenhead Chimes targets ambient percussion, pads, and a whole bevy of atmospheric sounds across the board.

Greenhead Chimes looks to be a precursor to the upcoming Zen Meditations, also by Fracture Sounds.

So, how does it sound, and who is Greenhead Chimes for?

I love tuned percussion, so I naturally had to run a ton of sequencers through this to see how it went. I will say I love the core sound of these; they’re clean and beautiful. They lend a certain degree of ambiance you won’t find with synthesized tuned percussion options.

Beyond just the percussive sounds, you can also steer these sounds into ambient pad territory. You’ve got a trio of control that also helps in creating pads, with soften attack, stereo width, and reverb controls.

It doesn’t take much to turn this into a giant pad, and you have additional atmospheric elements to mix in.

On the right side of the interface, you’ll find the atmosphere mixer, which comes with the raw sound source, aether, haze, and mirage elements. These can be further manipulated with the intensity knob, which acts as a dry/wet knob for blending the additional sound sources into the raw signal.

While there aren’t a ton of controls for Greenhead Chimes, there are enough to make this an instrument worth looking at. I do wish the library was available for a few other sample-based workstations like Halion or Falcon, but that’s more a personal issue since Native Access 2 doesn’t care for my Mac currently.

Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes is available for Mac and Windows; just make sure you can run the latest version of Kontakt or Kontakt Player.

And since we’re mentioning Native Instruments, you can now get the Super 8 virtual instrument for free with a Loopcloud subscription. That is just one of the many Black Friday deals we’ve covered in recent weeks.

Download: Blueprint: Greenhead Chimes (FREE)


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