Boom Library Release FREE Processed Impacts Sound Library


Boom Library released Processed Impacts, a free collection of futuristic impact sound effects in WAV format.

There is something special about using massively powerful impacts to mark a transition, punctuate on-screen action, or even serve as the first hit of an electronic dance drop.

So, are you looking to get some big, powerful impacts for your productions? 

If you answered yes to the previous question, then Boom Library has you covered (but you should also check out the free cinematic sounds by Flame Sound).

Processed Impacts is a free sound library that comes with more impacts than you could conceivably need.

Inside this sound library, you’ll find as many as 348 royalty-free sounds, taking up about half a gigabyte of space. These are absolutely massive sounding impacts and would be well served in trailer mockups, tense underscoring, or anything else looking for a little tension.

The sounds themselves vary greatly. You’ll find low rumbling tones, downlifters, uplifters, and just huge old booms to punctuate something.

This isn’t your traditional sample library, and there’s plenty of material to use here. I often find myself more than handled regarding drums, leads, pads, you name it.

Sound effects are something I’m always sorely lacking, and I’m lazy when it comes to that aspect of sound design. The good folks at Boom Library have taken a good chunk of the workload off my back and potentially yours, too.

The samples are provided in 48kHz, which should suit most productions just fine. I don’t know if you work at 48k, but it’s been a swap I made a few years back, and I’m just too lazy to turn back at this point.

After a week of free processors, synths, and everything else in between, it’s good to have some good sample fodder. I’m a big fan of the granular sounds contained in the back, which sound absolutely unearthly when soaked in some creative effects.

These sound files are available in WAV format, meaning you can use them just about anywhere that loads the file format. They come with metadata embedded as well, which is always a joy.

I couldn’t find a listed expiry date, so this is potentially up for the foreseeable future. Might as well grab them and sling them in the black hole that is your sample folder; lord knows I have.

Download: Processed Impacts (FREE)


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